Meeting of two cultures inspires student’s photography

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Wednesday 02 May 2012

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Photography student Bijash Chauhan has produced a collection of images embracing the multiculturalism of modern Britain for his end of year project.

As part of SPECTRUM 2012, Coventry University’s annual festival celebrating the talent of its final year students, Bijash’s latest photography marks the culmination of his degree portfolio.

The inspiration for the ‘I am Born here’ came from his previous 'Phonar Project' which centred around his mother. This follow up endeavours to take this topic further and allows him to comment once more on his life and background.

Using subjects from his hometown of Leicester, he has explored how the generations differ and how the traditional Indian culture has changed over the years.

Bijash said:

“As a child of migration, I feel that I am a collision of two cultures and that I have derived language and knowledge through both sides from birth. I was therefore keen to examine this as part of my final degree project.”

His images will be exhibited as part of Exposure24 – to be held in Coventry first from 1st  June in the Coventry University Hub Building, Jordan Well (not including Bank Holidays) and then at the Frameless Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, London on 18th -24th June 2012.

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