Graphic Design student’s bed inspired club promotion

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Friday 04 May 2012

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Ever woke up to a messy bed after a hard night on the town? Well one student from Coventry University has used this experience to create an eye-catching final year Degree Show project that uses bed sheets to promote the legendary club, Ministry of Sound.

This innovative idea comes from Jakob Cassebaum – a 21-year old Graphic Design student originally from Germany – who was inspired by ‘the morning after wrinkled bed’ scenario that often follows a night out.  

Using the sheets as the backdrop, Jakob printed venue information on to them to promote the Saturday Session at the Ministry of Sound club in London.

Jakob said:

“I wanted to create something unique and interesting for my final project – something that has not been seen before. It was an opportunity to use my creative talent, and the knowledge gained from my course, to reinvent the clubland promotional poster.”

Off the wall ideas are not new to Jakob, who created a self-portrait made out of chewing gum. By chewing different colour gums together, he was able to create different tones and colours for the project which was the attached to glass before going on display.

Jakob’s Ministry of Sound posters will be on display at the Graham Sutherland Building on the corner of Cox Street and Gosford Street, Coventry. Entry is free and open to public 2nd – 10th June 2012.

For further information and images, please contact Sarah-Jane Dean, Communications Assistant, Coventry University, on +44 (0)24 7688 8245 or email