Five reasons why Clearing can be your route to university this year

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Monday 14 August 2017

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The days of Clearing being a second-rate route to university are gone, with universities competing hard for qualified applicants and one in eight students now getting their places that way.

Simon Jones, Deputy Director of Admissions at Coventry University explains why:

“The idea that courses in Clearing are just the ones which don’t ‘fill up’ is not the case – in England there’s no cap on available places any more.

 So we are looking for well-qualified applicants from all backgrounds and with a range of qualifications – for example many successful candidates have a mix of BTECs and A-levels.

 Clearing is a really good way for students and universities to find each other and see if they are a good fit.

 “So while Clearing was once seen as a bit of a bargain bin, most universities will now have places available on many, many courses for students who are a great match and get in touch after the deadline or when they know their grades.”

Five key Clearing facts:

  • One in eight people accepted to full-time undergraduate university courses now get there through Clearing, according to UCAS figures. That’s nearly 65,000 students.
  • Nearly all universities recruit students through Clearing these days, for at least some of their courses - including the ones with the toughest entry requirements.
  • The population of young people is still falling – there are fewer 18 year olds around for universities to recruit. So we’re really keen to hear from suitably qualified students.
  • Don’t rush but don’t leave it too late. About half of those using Clearing will be placed by the Monday after A level results day.

Think carefully - there’s always next year if you aren’t 100% sure. UCAS analysis last year showed that around half of 18 year olds who don’t get in to university apply again – and 85 per cent get in the second time.

Checking UCAS Undergraduate Track from 8am on A-level results day (Thursday 17 August) will show you if your university place has been confirmed. But you can’t add a formal Clearing choice until 3pm – leaving breathing space for research and exploratory calls to universities.