CPRS Staff Exchange with Arab American University (AAUJ) in Jenin, Palestine

CPRS Staff Exchange with Arab American University (AAUJ) in Jenin, Palestine
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Monday 18 February 2013

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CPRS has welcomed its first research exchange participant from AAUJ – Dr. Ayman Haidaria (Associate Professor in International Relations and Political Science), from Feb. 17 – March 17, 2013. Dr. Haidaria’s visit is funded by a Marie Curie IRSES grant, ‘Perspectives of Conflict Transformation from the Middle East and Europe (CTMEE). Five more researchers from AAUJ will be visiting CPRS over the course of 2013. CTMEE is being run concurrently with a second Marie Curie – funded exchange programme involving Kadir Has University in Istanbul, and Stellenbosch University in Cape Town.

During his visit, Dr. Haidaria presented two informative and thought-provoking seminars on conflict transformation and youth movements in Palestine – one for BES staff and students, and another for Coventry University’s Global Leaders Programme.  

In return, several CPRS research staff have travelled to AAUJ in Palestine to conduct research. Dr. Diego Checa Hidalgo has visited AAUJ to conduct research on non-violent resistance and the role of the international community in Palestine, Dr. Marwan Darweish has conducted training on conflict resolution at AAUJ, and Mr. Murad Duzcu, a PhD student supervised by Professor Ozerdem, has investigated youth movements and peacebuilding in Palestine. Dr. Chuck Thiessen (co-PI with Professor Ozerdem) will be travelling to AAUJ in May to conduct research on local ownership of peacebuilding activities and take part in the project’s annual year-end research dissemination and planning seminar.