Coventry University to launch MBA in cyber security leadership

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

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Coventry University is developing an innovative new postgraduate qualification to combat the growing threat to information security and to help bridge the skills gap in cyber risk management and executive leadership.

The National MBA in Cyber Security® - the first of its kind in the UK - will explore the financial, legal and reputational risks associated with information technology and cyber related threats while pioneering the latest thinking and most up to date methods for protecting intellectual property, commercial secrets and critical business assets.

The new degree programme, which is being designed and delivered by cyber security experts, industry advisors and practitioners in the University’s business and computing departments, has received backing from former GCHQ Director Sir Kevin Tebbit. The programme is also supported by the International Systems Security Association (ISSA) UK, part of a global membership organisation with some 10,000 information and cyber security professionals and practitioners.

The MBA will provide a contextual overview of management functions where cyber threats and challenges need to be effectively managed, including how to respond at board level to a significant data breach, working with legislation and understanding international and national cyber related law. It will also provide a number of specialisms in areas such as data analytics and cyber security, internet and information security, and digital as well as kinetic penetration testing. 

Dr Donald Finlay from Coventry University’s Faculty of Business, Environment and Society, said:  

With increased numbers of home working professionals, the development of more sophisticated personal devices and the emergence of complex data legal issues, concerns over cyber security are increasing.

The government is working with UK businesses to address training needs at a national level so the development of our MBA is well-timed and our aim in doing so is to enhance understanding of this crucial aspect of modern business management.

Sir Kevin Tebbit, KCB, CMG, former director of GCHQ, said:

The protection of national and corporate interests requires leaders to have a good knowledge of managing cyber risk and how this impacts on the running of an organisation. The Coventry University National MBA in Cyber Security is a welcome innovation in the protection of the critical national infrastructure and the daily fight against cybercrime.

Mike Loginov, Chief Cyber Strategist, Certified CISO at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security and Executive Director Member of the ISSA UK is a regular speaker and influencer at EU Commission events on the European Cyber Security (NIS) Directive.

He said: 

The National MBA in Cyber Security is much needed to bridge the gap between the technologists and the executive board. Managing cyber risk is fast becoming an essential leadership skill and this innovation by Coventry University is both timely and necessary to combat the growing online threat from cyber criminals and large scale industrial espionage.