Coventry University lecturer wins commission for broadcast documentary

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Wednesday 05 October 2011

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Ken Fero, senior lecturer on the Media Production course has been commissioned to make a critical film about the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). The 25-minute-long documentary called ‘Who Polices The Police’has already gone into production.

Initial filming started over the summer and he has already enlisted the help of Coventry University students to help on the documentary. The media production students have worked as production assistants gaining valuable experience and there will be further opportunities for student involvement as the film progress.

Ken Fero said:

“The recent death of Mark Duggan after he was shot by police officers in Tottenham, and the subsequent uprising that spread across Britain, has put the issue of investigating police actions on the international agenda. There have been a number of unexplained deaths in recent months, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has been tasked by the government to investigate and say they will be vigorous in the quest for the facts. The film will ask who polices the police and how effective is the IPCC in bringing corrupt officers to justice?”

Fero has made several films about this subject previously,including the highly controversial cinema documentary ‘Injustice’ 2001/98minutes. That film was heaped with international awards but is still banned by UK broadcasters as the film accuses serving police officers of manslaughter and murder.

Fero goes on to say:

“I have always taken a robust attiude when investigating the alleged wrong doings of police officers. Documentary, in its radical form, can be a force for change and many students respond well to this form of media production.”

His most recent film ‘Defeat of the Champion’was selected as a highlight of the West Midlands Human Rights Film Festival and received extensive media coverage across the region (BBC news, ITV news).

”Who Polices The Police ‘was commissioned by PressTV and will be broadcast on Sky later this year.