GED students visit Taiwan to learn about disaster management

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Friday 30 May 2014

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Dr Yung-Fang Chen and Dr Tony McAleavy took 21 students from the Department of Geography, Environment and Disaster Management to Taiwan from 11th-19th May.  Twelve of the students stayed in Taiwan for a month of volunteer work experience. Two students worked in the New Taipei Fire Department to help them revise their emergency plans and promote business continuity plans. Ten students delivered risk awareness education in primary schools in remote areas of  Chia Yi County.

The focus of the trip was to extend students’ international experience and understand how professional practice is conducted in Taiwan, particularly in the areas of disaster management and emergency planning. Students had the opportunity to compare different arrangements among NGOs in the face of post disaster reconstruction and humanitarian aid.

Students were able to observe Taiwan’s spectacular geographical features, for example geothermal valley, post landslide and earthquake sites and faults. They were also able to develop Chinese language talking and listening skills and other competencies to enhance their future career skills.

Dr Yung-Fang Chen, Dr Tony McAleavy and the 21 students from the Department of Geography group shot