We're top for giving students the opportunity to learn overseas

We're top for giving students the opportunity to learn overseas
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Tuesday 09 May 2017

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More students travel and learn abroad as part of their course at Coventry University than at any other UK institution, according to new figures.

Data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) reveal the University provided a total of 2,818 student experiences abroad in 2015/16.

The HESA figures include all Erasmus placements as well as any study, volunteer or research trip lasting at least five days.

Since this kind of data has been available for UK universities the University has had the highest number of student experiences abroad.


We provided 2,818 student experiences abroad in 2015/16.

HESA 2017

Dr David Pilsbury, Coventry’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor for international development said:




Providing a wide and challenging range of opportunities for our students to travel and work overseas makes them ‘Brexit-ready’ in markets where employers will expect UK graduates to have a confident, international outlook.

Our students think globally and these experiences are key to their personal and professional development. We put a lot of work into making these international experiences happen and ensuring that as many of our students as possible can take advantage.

Coventry’s international work is also about connecting cultures, and exchanging knowledge and understanding – it’s a two way thing.

Global Travel Fact File

  • We have increased travel and study opportunities for our students by over 24% in 2015/16.
  • In terms of short trips, we're also responsible for more than one in four of the total facilitated by all UK universities.
  • Undergraduate experiences made up the majority of our students' study abroad trips (88%) with the remaining being postgraduate travel (12%).
  • Students visited 67 different counties in total.
  • Top 10 destinations included Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the United States, France and China.

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Top 10
Mobility Location % of total (2,818)
Germany 13.8
Netherlands 11.1
Italy {Includes Sardinia, Sicily} 11.0
Spain {includes Ceuta, Melilla} 10.6
United States 10.2
France {includes Corsica} 7.6
China 5.9
Belgium 4.7
Poland 3.0
Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China) 2.1