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Wednesday 09 April 2014

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Dr Alex Stedmon and Prof Don Harris are leading an International editorial team to deliver a special issue of Applied Ergonomics focussing on ‘Transport in the 21st Century: The Application of Human Factors to Future User Needs’.  Across all modes of transport, there are ever increasing demands in terms of capacity, comfort and value. To achieve these demands a fine balance needs to be struck between the requirements of operators and their investors and the demands of the user and their travel experience. Technology is increasingly being used to both augment the user experience and to deliver value for the operator. Coupled with societal changes, an aging population and environmental issues driving more intelligent energy usage and lower carbon emissions, society is also demanding more convenience, comfort and speed across all travel systems.

This special issue will bring together papers that explore a range of topics across the spectrum of transport in the 21st Century. The guest editors will welcome papers representing and reviewing applied human factors research that explores the application of technology to transport users’ experience and operation, accessibility in transport systems and modifying passenger behaviour.  For more information please refer to the advert

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