Coventry University’s VC honoured by Stellenbosch University for his leadership skills

John Latham
University news / Alumni news

Tuesday 09 April 2019

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Gemma Boden

Coventry University’s Vice-Chancellor John Latham has been bestowed with an honorary doctorate from Stellenbosch University in recognition of his leadership skills.

In a graduation ceremony at Stellenbosch University’s South African campus, Vice-Chancellor John was honoured with the degree Doctor of Commerce (DCom), honoris causa.

He received recognition for his “visionary, courageous and innovative leadership in skilfully steering his academic institution to greatness through troubling times; and for sharing his acclaimed and valued expertise in higher education management in various forums, including as extraordinary professor at Stellenbosch University”.

In addressing academics and graduates of the Faculties of Economic and Management Sciences and Engineering and their friends and family, John said that there is no greater honour to be recognised by your peers. He commented that Stellenbosch University has an outstanding reputation internationally and that the two institutions are growing their relationship quite significantly and strategically.

Vice-Chancellor John Latham, said:

To be honoured today is one of the highlights of my life and certainly something that I will always be extremely proud of.”

Apart from John, Stellenbosch University is also honouring the unofficial global guardian of numerical mathematics, Prof Lloyd N. Trefethen of Oxford University; a champion for transformation in education who has made outstanding contributions to science, engineering and education in Africa, Dr Shirley Ann Jackson and a foremost South African winemaker and industry leader, Mr Jan Boland Coetzee.

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