Coventry University Group to offer support to GSM London students

Friday 02 August 2019

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Following the announcement of GSM London closing in September, Coventry University London and CU London are working to enable students to apply to study at one of its London campuses towards a Coventry University degree.

In order to minimise the impact on GSM London students, a number of higher education providers are working to provide students with the option to study at an alternative institution.

Coventry University London and CU London, which award Coventry University degrees, have identified courses that will allow each GSM London student to transition onto a postgraduate or undergraduate programme, continuing their studies in London.

This is an unusual and largely unprecedented situation. We are working hard to ensure that those wishing to achieve undergraduate or postgraduate degrees are able to do so.

It is a difficult time but we are positive we will be able to support students to continue studying. If they choose Coventry University London or CU London, they can study in a supportive and welcoming environment with high standards of teaching excellence. We will also be offering one year bursaries for all approved GSM London students that join us, so that their tuition costs for 2019/20 are unaffected.

Ian Dunn, Coventry University Provost

Teaching at GSM London finishes at the end of September 2019, when it is hoped that all students will have secured a new university place with a higher education provider.