Artificial intelligence device that recognises faces and open doors designed by Coventry University Wrocław student

A student stood up next to his device sat on a table in front of him speaking to a Coventry University Wrocław staff member on his right and a Balluff representative on his left

A Coventry University Wrocław student shows off his artificial intelligence prototype as the firm Balluff handed over new equipment

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Wednesday 14 February 2024

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A device using artificial intelligence to recognise faces and open house doors is among prototypes designed by students at Coventry University Wrocław.

The creations of learners at the campus in Poland were showcased as the university received cutting-edge equipment from Balluff, a leading supplier of components and solutions for industrial automation, which will give students and lecturers the opportunity to conduct groundbreaking research and development in areas such as smart cities, healthcare, agriculture and gastronomy.

Coventry University Wrocław and Balluff are working together on a 'School of Leadership' project which aims to prepare national enterprises to effectively plan the process of digital transformation for companies.

As the university received the Portable Monitoring System (PMSys) - a device that transmits measurement data from the Balluff Condition Monitoring Sensor to a cloud-based application via mobile network – students showed off their design ideas that they hope can revolutionise our everyday lives.

These included a device using artificial intelligence to recognise faces and open house doors and an intelligent animal feeder that can help pet owners provide a punctual and adequate meal for their animals, even when the owners are away.

It is hoped this injection of cutting-edge technology will significantly improve the educational experience and will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in a competitive and rapidly evolving job market. With the new equipment, students will have access to a wider range of tools and technologies, supporting creativity and innovation in their projects.

Dr Jacek Lewandowski, Director of Coventry University Wrocław

We believe that the provided components will help to broaden the knowledge and skills of the new technologies and learn about solutions that are already changing the industrial world today. In the hands of young, gifted and ambitious people, they can gain fresh form and new life.

Paweł Stefański, Strategic Incubation Manager at Balluff Worldwide

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