CU Scarborough joins the local community to beautify the scenic Birdcage Walk trail

The art trail along the Birdcage Walk in Scarborough

The art trail along the Birdcage Walk in Scarborough

CU Scarborough

Wednesday 04 October 2023

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A scenic walk in the seaside town of Scarborough has been given a makeover inspired by its name. 

Birdcage Walk, which leads towards the South Bay opposite the Rotunda Museum, has become home to an art trail of decorative birds and colourful bird cages created by schoolchildren and local community groups. 

Tutors at CU Scarborough teamed up with the Scarborough Museums and Galleries, Wheatcroft CP and St Martins primary schools, MHA Priceholme care home, Cross Lane Hospital, Mencap, The Blueberry Academy, the Refugee Council, the Personalised Learning College and Sparks Project to create the art trail which will be exhibiting on Saturday, 7 October. 

The route will be open for people to simply walk through and admire the colourful creations, which will be unveiled at an event on Saturday from 11am to 3pm with story-telling activities along the route. 

We are very excited to have been able to work with others in our community to develop this project. It has allowed us to develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones. 

We want to continue to play an active role in the community, and this is another great way of doing that. We hope that the display of art will be a great day and we are looking forward to seeing all the amazing work created. “Join us on 7 October for a walk along Birdcage Walk, enjoy the art, appreciate the beauty of our environment and maybe carry on your walk to the beach.” 

Becky Canning, course leader for health at CU Scarborough

The project linked perfectly with the school curriculum drivers of locality and community, allowing us to learn more about the locality whilst engaging with the community on a shared project and creating something for others to enjoy.

All our children took part and had a special day in school where we all worked to bring the cages to life. Working with CU Scarborough supported our work on transition and aspirations, and we have valued making new links with different groups in the town.

Gavin Dyer, headteacher at Wheatcroft Primary School

Our community groups have really enjoyed working on artworks for Birdcage Walk. The project has helped to put this public walk on the map as many of our visitors weren't sure where it was. 

We're really looking forward to all of our groups coming together to walk the walk together, meet up with each other and see the work of all the other schools and communities that have been involved.

Jayne Shipley, community engagement officer at Scarborough Museum and Galleries

The pathway is open despite local road closures and can be accessed from the Esplanade and lower Ramshill Road/Valley Road roundabout, with accessible pathways for wheelchair users. In the event of poor weather, the artwork will be exhibited on campus at CU Scarborough as part of the Open Day activities.