Statement on incident at Arundel House

Wednesday 30 September 2020

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We are appalled by the scenes shown in a video filmed in an accommodation block in Coventry which is owned and operated by a private provider.

We strongly condemn the blatant breaches of the rule of six and other guidelines as they risk the health of our students, colleagues and the communities in which we are located.

We are working with West Midlands Police and the private accommodation provider and intend to bring disciplinary proceedings against students identified by West Midlands Police or our own investigations as being involved.

Our COVID-19 code of conduct was shared with students ahead of the weekend. This code of conduct makes it clear that a failure to follow university and Government health and safety requirements will constitute a breach of the university’s disciplinary regulations and serious or persistent misconduct could lead to suspension or withdrawal from the university.

The vast majority of our students are sensible adults and are taking COVID-19 very seriously. Many of them are from the communities in which our campuses are based and want to protect themselves, their friends and loved ones and will be appalled by the behaviour of a few.

Hundreds of our students on health courses worked in NHS wards and ambulances during the peak of the pandemic and know the consequences of the virus.

Across our five campuses, we have put in place safety measures in line with government advice and we are in constant dialogue with local public health officials and other agencies and universities. We are regularly messaging our colleagues and students to reinforce the importance of following all the rules and laws designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we have student ambassadors in key places on campus to remind those who forget to comply with social distancing or face coverings. We are also actively encouraging the use of the NHS COVID-19 app to assist our existing track and trace process.

Coventry University spokesperson