Three students explain why they chose CU Scarborough for a degree with a difference

Teah Kenny

CU Scarborough student Teah Kenny

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Friday 11 September 2020

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Clearing 2020 has not been easy for many students, with confusion over A level and BTEC grades adding to the mix of emotions on what is always a stressful time.

Many prospective students will still be looking for the right course and campus for them as they make decisions that will alter the course of their futures.

CU Scarborough, part of the Coventry University Group, offers flexible education designed to fit around students’ lives. They can choose from a wide range of career-relevant courses and study at a pace that suits them.

Students who study at CU Scarborough benefit from a modern, forward-thinking higher education institution, reinforced by the quality and reputation of Coventry University.

Here, three students explain why they chose to study at CU Scarborough.

My advice to people coming through Clearing is don’t shut any options down. I didn’t even know Public Health was a course until I rang up and spoke to one of the tutors and they were really lovely.

They told me I could do health and social care or public health but they were really lovely on the phone, obviously, they know how stressful results day is for everyone. So, just don’t rule anything out.

We have different tutors for different topics and it’s interesting to see how their teaching styles differ.

I want to become a paramedic and I can see that a lot of modules tied nicely with this. A lot of the modules talk about communication skills which I find really important talking to patients.

You can work on your assignments and slowly build on them. Whereas with A Levels, you’re having to try and cram two years’ worth of content into three exams.

Here, the environment is more relaxed, and I enjoy my work more because it’s not a stressful environment and I’m not having to remember so much at one point. I feel I remember more because that pressure isn’t behind me.

In Scarborough, everything feels within walking distance. The seafront is so nice to walk down and it’s just a great atmosphere.

Cu Scarborough student Teah Kenny. Career aim: Paramedic

Right now, I’m doing some work experience, I’d love to be a solicitor so my experience is in conveyancing and wills. I’m really looking into criminal law as that’s my aim, but right now I’m trying to get as much experience as I can.

I went to a lot of Open Days, and when I came to CU Scarborough I got the loveliest of feelings when I walked in. I just felt like I was welcomed here compared to other universities where I felt like another number.

I feel like I’m part of the university. I came with my mum and dad and as soon as we arrived, we loved it. I met all the tutors and all the members of staff were there with smiles and all welcoming, it was a wonderful atmosphere. The tutors knew my name before I left, which was lovely!

My parents were very, very proud and excited that I’m the first from my family to attend university. I hope I’ll not be the last!

CU Scarborough student Sophie Coates. Career aim: Solicitor

I chose Scarborough because it felt most at home to me. It was a smaller university, it had the best community, the course was laid out really differently to any other university. It just suited the way I learn better.

Here you are taught to understand to not regurgitate information; you are taught to research and how to become your job role. You are not taught to become a fact file of your job role.
This year alone I have to complete 100 hours of placement, in multiple schools. Which is spectacular!

The more experience I can get, the larger advantage I have at getting a job after higher education.

The teaching is outstanding, and my lecturer is by far one of the best educational members of staff I have ever met. She is incredibly supportive, gives incredibly sound academic advice, and quick at marking. And that’s across all the courses she teaches - ask students on her courses and they will agree.

CU Scarborough student James Gilchrist. Career aim: Teacher

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