Human Library Talks - 'Saluting our Sisters'

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Wednesday 11 October 2023 to Wednesday 25 October 2023

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


Disruptive Media Learning Lab Teaching Room, 3rd Floor, Lanchester Library, Coventry University


Free to attend - no need to register

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Join the BME Staff Network for this series, where invited colleagues will reflect on this year’s theme by sharing their personal experiences and through audience participation.

Please note that these are in-person events with no option to join in online.

The concept of The Human Library talks is a space that offers dialogue through personal conversation: it is a library of people ready to talk and share what they know and have experienced. It’s a space for open and honest conversations and exploration and a space where the main speaker is a ‘human book’ sharing their story, their knowledge and their truths.

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11 October - 1-2:30pm: Hosted by Mohammed Abdullahi

Mohammed is a Senior Teaching Fellow currently investigating the factors influencing the return migration of Nigerian medical doctors working in the UK. The project, which adopts a mixed method approach using a survey, interviews and policy document analysis, will provide a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of doctors’ experiences in their host country. It is hoped that Mohammed’s thesis will help us understand why highly skilled professionals from Nigeria decide to migrate, remain in their destination countries, or return home. The study could also lead to the implementation of better policies for retaining professional expertise within Nigeria and the African continent. To mark Black History Month 2023, Mohammed’s talk will focus on the experiences of African female doctors in the UK.

18 October - 12:30-2pm: Black History Culture Corner

The BME Staff Network would like to invite both staff and students to this open event and ask that they bring with them a book, a piece of art or music that fits this year’s theme of Saluting our Sisters. You will be encouraged to share and discuss your selection with fellow attendees.

25 October - 12:30-2pm: Hosted by Hilda Adun

Hilda is a Project Manager at Coventry University Group with over seven years of experience working with start-ups and high-growth companies in various sectors across Africa, India and the United Kingdom while developing marketing strategies, brand campaigns and connecting strategy to operations. In her role as Project Manager of Black Interns Project, Hilda is responsible for engaging with employers, strategic partners, students and wider stakeholders to gain buy-ins and execute the project.