Inaugural Lecture: Christopher Reynolds, Professor of Therapeutics and Disease Prevention

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Tuesday 01 February 2022

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM


Square One



Computational Chemistry applied to Biological Problems

Professor Reynolds will consider how molecular modelling techniques in computational chemistry can provide a deeper understanding of biological functioning. In particular, this lecture will explore how the information obtained from structural techniques, including X-ray crystallography, can help give us new visual insights into the molecular interactions relevant to the treatment of biological conditions such as pain and diabetes. The lecture will explore the opportunities such forms of molecular modelling can afford to scientists to enhance experiment and predictions, whilst also looking towards new developments such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the field of computational chemistry.

Professor Christopher Reynolds is a researcher in the Centre for Sports, Exercise and Life Sciences (CSELS) and is the ‘Therapeutics. Diagnostics and Disease Prevention’ theme lead. He is also a recent Royal Society Industry Fellow and has previously held positions at the University of Essex, University of Oxford, British Steel and the University of St. Andrews.