Inaugural Lecture: Sukanlaya Sawang, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Sukanlaya Sawang
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Thursday 19 November 2020

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM





Small businesses contribute significantly to the worldwide economy. As a result, research in small business and entrepreneurship have grown enormously in the last few decades. However, the research of psychological impacts among small business owners, entrepreneurs and/or self-employed are limited and a number of scholars have raised a need for bringing psychology into small business and entrepreneurship research. 

To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week Sukanlaya discussed new ideas and recent developments in psychology aspects of small business and entrepreneurship, helping to promote an understanding of psychological antecedents and outcomes of being small business owners.   

Sukanlaya is the Associate Dean and Professor of Entrepreneurship in Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) at Coventry University. She has been teaching, researching and writing about psychology aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship for over a decade, publishing more than 100 articles, including academic journals, books, and government reports. Sukanlaya has received a number of awards – including the ‘Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence’; the ‘Best Paper Awards’ from the Academy of Management (AOM); and the ‘AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange’ award.  She has been awarded a number of competitive grants such as Australian Research Council and Cooperative Research Centres Program, to shape future research in the field. 

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