Injection Therapy (Musculoskeletal)

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6 weeks taught component, 8 weeks mentored practice


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This module is designed for physiotherapists accessing either MSc Manual Therapy or as a stand-alone module for physiotherapists and general practitioners. The aim of the module is to introduce practitioners to the theory and practice of peripheral intra- and peri-articular injection therapy.

Course detail

  • This module provides students with the opportunity to engage in interactive teaching and learning related to injection therapy from a variety of experts within this clinical area,
  • The module will provide practitioners with evidence relating to competence in the extended role of injection therapy,
  • Students will have the chance to work alongside a mentor for the period of mentored practice, which can facilitate the application of injection therapy skills and knowledge in the clinical environment,
  • The module will provide practitioners with evidence evidence related to competence in the extended role of injection therapy that meets the standards of professional bodies,
  • Students will have the opportunity to network with fellow clinicians in developing injection therapy services.
  • The skills necessary  to demonstrate the ability to reason about patients’ neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions,
  • The rationale behind injection therapy,
  • The evidence base associated with injection therapy,
  • The skills necessary to demonstrate technical proficiency in a range of peripheral intro- and peri-articular injections,
  • Key ethical issues related to injection therapy,
  • Knowledge of health and safety issues associated with injection therapy.

How will this course be taught

This module will be delivered through a range of methods, including lectures, seminars, workshops, case studies and laboratory sessions. Students will be timetabled for 6 hours for 6 weeks in Term 3 (May and June) followed by a period of mentored practice organised in own workplace.

Seminars 36 hours
Self-Guided Study 164 hours

Total activity – 200 hours

Entry requirements

  • Applicants must be members of the HCPC, 
  • Work experience and/or postgraduate courses within the field of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction,
  • Letter from employer, giving permission to use injection therapy within scope of practice,
  • Letter from a doctor regarding agreement to prescribe (Physiotherapists only),
  • A signed letter of commitment from an appropriate mentor.


  • Coursework 1: 3000 word case study
  • Coursework 2: Portfolio of Evidence

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

The course will contribute to students' professional development by advancing their evidence-based knowledge and skills in relation to musculoskeletal injection therapy. Successful completion of this module can enhance students' employability, allowing them to move into higher positions within the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy with the potential to influence clinical practice and service delivery.