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This module brings together the key elements of the Advancing Practitioner programme and aims to enable the student to demonstrate independent learning at an advanced level through the development of a project report/business plan, related to a practice problem, policy, initiative or innovation.

Course detail

The report will demonstrate the achievement of an advanced level of writing, analysis and evaluation and it is intended that the content of the report will be of a quality standard to present to an NHS Trust or Voluntary Sector Organisation at management board level or local/national conference.

  • The independent project can be related to the student’s own field of practice, which can enhance practitioners’ knowledge within their own profession/speciality.
  • The module will provide students with the opportunity to develop their independent study skills in order to achieve an advanced level of professionalism within the field of their own practice.

Benefits include:

  • Achievement of academic credit towards a named award.
  • Access to learning from subject and clinical experts.
  • Opportunity to network with a range of students from own speciality and other disciplines.
  • Ability to achieve developed critical thinking and clinical decision making skills.
  • Achievement of clinical competence.
  • Improved job satisfaction.
  • Achievement of clinical competence in own speciality.
  • Enhanced ability to challenge practice and embed relevant evidence base to support quality care.
  • Enhanced ability to innovate and lead clinical practice derived from current policy initiatives.
  • Increased commitment to achieving and leading quality care service delivery.

On successful completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify and provide a rationale for a current practice based problem/issue, policy, initiative or innovation which will impact upon patient care.
  • Examine critically the evidence base for the practice problem/issue, policy, initiative or innovation.
  • Design a plan/report /business plan for project managing the problem, policy, initiative or innovation.
  • Present and pitch/sell the plan to manage the project to ensure effective change will be embedded into practice in the future, to a group of peers/managers/university lecturers.

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How will this course be taught

This module will be delivered via supervision with a named supervisor.

Induction will take place on the first day of each module (excluding Mentoring).

We welcome students with disabilities. We recognise that education is a right for all who can benefit from it and that students with disabilities have an equal right of access to higher education. Our staff also recognise that individuals with disabilities are the best source of expertise about themselves and their needs. All students with disabilities should be able to participate as far as is reasonably practical in the educational and social activities we make available. Such students should be encouraged to expect equal treatment as individuals and that they and their work will be considered solely on the basis of their quality. 

For further information please contact the Disabilities Officer on 024 7688 8029 or email

Lectures – 3 hours
Project Supervision – 12 hours
Self-directed activity – 485 hours

Total activity – 500 hours

Entry requirements

  • Registered health care practitioner, normally having been qualified for a minimum of five years, with a minimum of two years’ experience in a speciality. 
  • Working in a clinical setting in an Advanced Practitioner or Trainee Advanced Practitioner role.
  • Normally has evidence of level 6 academic achievement.


  • Coursework 1: Project report 8,000 words ILO 1, 2, 3, 4 (80% of module mark).
  • Coursework 2: Presentation 30 minutes ILO 5 (20% of module mark).

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

  • Successful completion of master’s degree modules can enable students/practitioners to proceed with their development as professionals within the field of their own clinical practice/speciality.
  • Upon the successful completion of this module practitioners should possess the qualities and knowledge to demonstrate ability to study independently at an advanced level, which can expand practitioners’ career prospects.