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This module is designed to provide students with the opportunity to examine the theoretical and philosophical basis of evidence based practice in a health and social care setting. The main aims of the module are to enhance students’ critical thinking and to teach students how to apply evidence based principles to their own area of practice.

Course detail

  • This module provides an opportunity for students to study in a multi-disciplinary group and explore evidence based practice from a ‘non-medical’ perspective.
  • The skills and the knowledge acquired during this module is designed to enable students to make improvements to service delivery within their own area of practice.
  • To examine the concept of evidence based practice. To understand evidence based practice within the context of science, healthcare management, professional practice, health policy and consumer views.
  • To analyse the hierarchy of evidence.
  • Evaluate the contribution to evidence based practice of a variety of sources of evidence including literature reviews, meta-analyses and consensus statements.

How will this course be taught

This module will be delivered through a combination of approaches, including lectures, participant-led seminars and case study based group work.

Seminars – 33 hours
Self-guided student activity – 167 hours
Total activity – 200 hours

Entry requirements

  • Enrolled on a Master degree


  • Coursework 1: 1500 word Critical Appraisal (50% of module mark)
  • Coursework 2: 2000 word Action Plan (50% of module mark)

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

  • Successful completion of master degree modules can enable students/practitioners to proceed with their development as professionals within the field of their own clinical practice/speciality. 
  • Upon the successful completion of this module practitioners should possess essential qualities and knowledge within the field of evidence based practice, which can expand practitioners’ career prospects.