Dimensional Measurement (NPL) Level 1

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3 days


£875 (VAT exempt)


CPD/Short courses


College of Engineering, Environment and Science

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In this training course, learners will be introduced to dimensional metrology and the importance of good measurement practice and the right measurement behaviours. This is a EAL approved qualification. This is a three-day classroom course delivered by NPL and its training delivery network, which is also offered in-house. EAL Accredited.

This three day training course introduces dimensional metrology and its under-pinning principles and methods. Delegates will be taught how to better interpret technical drawings, make fundamental measurement calculations and implement a measurement strategy in a manufacturing engineering environment.

Course detail

  • Understand the relevance of dimensional measurement, including the use of dimensional and geometrical tolerances, to all stages of the engineering process.
  • Understand the use of datum systems in dimensional measurement.
  • Be able to interpret tolerance frames with and without datum references, and understand the shapes of the associated tolerance zones.
  • Be able to interpret tolerance frames for the different geometrical characteristics of form, location, orientation, and run-out.
  • Understand principles of measurement that allow the formation of a measurement strategy, including measurement uncertainty, calibration and traceability.
  • Confidently select and use a range of measuring instruments, using an understanding of how they should be prepared, used, read and stored.
  • Interpret and analyse the data output from the measurement.
  • Understand the importance of good practices associated with repeatability and reproducibility when using measuring equipment.
  • Make informed decisions as an individual and part of a team.

Who is it for?

For those looking to use good practice in measurement. Suitable for engineers, those working in quality and process, inspection and control, designers and production staff as well as instrument and equipment users, apprentices and graduates.

Costs and contacts

The course cost is £875 per candidate and places are limited. Please kindly contact metrology.eec@coventry.ac.uk for bookings and further information.