Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

In line with government guidance, returning students can expect the same blend of on-campus and online learning. Please be reassured that this blended teaching model has been tried and tested across our COVID-secure campuses. We will review our teaching delivery in line with any changes to government guidance.


For applicants and offer-holders interested in joining us in September, please read our statement.  

In line with current government guidance, from 17 May 2021, we are returning to offering a blend of on-campus and online learning as we did from September to December 2020*.

Most courses will provide at least five hours of on-campus timetabled learning per student each week during each semester/block, with the remainder delivered online.

For new and continuing students, timetables for the next semester will be released soon. Please note that, as always, timetables are subject to change, including if there are any changes to UK Government guidelines relating to COVID-19, so please check your timetable regularly.

For more information, please check the timetabling pages on the Student Portal.

We also have a fully online route for many of our courses as long as there are no specific requirements for on-campus activity (e.g. laboratory, workshop, simulation sessions) that cannot be managed online. For those courses available fully online, it is your choice whether to attend on-campus delivery or not; for international students this is subject to any visa requirements specified by the Home Office.

If you are a new student, you will have a comprehensive online induction before you begin your studies with us.

*Please note, in accordance with government guidance in Poland, courses for students at our Wroclaw campus are currently being taught fully online.



We hope that we will be able to deliver as much on-campus teaching as possible, as well as offering fully online routes for a significant number of our courses. This is of course subject to government guidance.

For more information, please read the statement on the website about our plans for September.

We have measures in place to ensure that teaching and learning spaces on campus are COVID-secure to ensure all of our students are learning in the safest possible environment. Social distancing requirements mean that on-campus activity is reduced. Timetabling has been managed to avoid large gatherings of students and to minimise the number of days per week that commuting students need to travel onto campus.

In line with government advice, everyone attending campus is strongly urged to access symptom-free testing (known as Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)) before accessing any work or study space as follows:  

  • Regular attendance; two tests per week, at least three days apart and 30 minutes before using campus facilities  
  • Occasional attendance; one test, at least 30 minutes before entering any buildings on campus  

Details of community testing facilities are available in our symptom-free testing FAQs.

Students are taught in the same small groups for any on-campus activities e.g. tutorials, laboratories, studios, practical assessments etc. – these will be referred to as ‘pods’. Lectures are all taking place online.

You can continue to attend your on-campus timetabled learning activities in your teaching ‘pods’, one-to-one appointments, and booked study spaces in accordance with current government guidance.*


*Please note, in accordance with government guidance in Poland, courses for students at our Wroclaw campus are currently being taught fully online

Online learning comprises online seminars, discussion and directed activities.

Courses and modules are delivered on the Aula learning experience platform. This is where you can access your learning materials and connect with lecturers, tutors and others on your course easily.

Aula is designed to be social, with conversation and engagement at the heart of the student learning experience. It is mobile friendly and accessible across a range of devices. The look and feel is similar to social media platforms, and aims to create an online community which supports students with the social side of learning that you would usually receive when attending lectures in person.

A ‘pod’ is a group of up to 30 students taught together in a socially distanced way to reduce the number of people they are in contact with.

In your pods, you:

  • use different rooms (especially where you are accessing specialist facilities) 
  • are co-taught with other pods when using larger spaces
  • have more than one member of staff teaching you at one time

You can continue to attend your on-campus timetabled learning activities in your teaching ‘pods’ in accordance with current government guidance.

On-campus students should still not be in ‘close contact’ even when they are part of a pod, and should still adhere to 1m+ government rules of social distancing.


On-campus practical sessions are taking place with social distancing and all other necessary health and safety measures in place. Teaching takes place in the same small groups (pods) for tutorials, laboratories, studios, practical assessments etc.

You can continue to attend these timetabled sessions in your teaching ‘pods’ in accordance with current government guidance.

Courses and modules will be delivered on the Aula learning experience platform.This is where you will access your learning materials and connect with lecturers, tutors and others on your course easily.

Aula will enable you to access lectures and resources at any time, so you can catch up on anything you may miss due to poor or unreliable internet connection.

Further details of our plans for teaching and learning can be found in our latest teaching and learning FAQs.

You can continue to attend your on-campus timetabled learning activities in your teaching ‘pods’, one-to-one appointments, and booked study spaces in accordance with current government guidance.

However, if you wish to transfer between the blended mode of delivery (a combination of online and timetabled on-campus delivery) and fully online delivery, you may be able to do so, subject to any restrictions, including travel and visa requirements specified by the Home Office. If you wish to do this, you should contact your Course Director and they can discuss whether this is available to you.

Enhancing Futures will run as a programme of live, online, and interactive sessions for Coventry University and Coventry University London undergraduate students. It starts from 17 May 2021 and runs until summer, and you can book sessions of interest now (avoid disappointment and book early).  

Most sessions will be ‘bite-size’ of 1-2 hours to allow you to quickly gain knowledge in areas important to you. They are focused on developing knowledge and new skills you may need for your future career, including: 

  • Exploring the world around you 
  • ​​​​​​​Growing your leadership skills 
  • Get noticed, get employed   

 In addition to the live, online sessions, there will be a variety of different learning materials for you to look through in your own time.  

Find a full timetable of sessions and further information on the Enhancing Futures pages.  

If you have any questions related to Enhancing Futures, please email enhancingfutures@coventry.ac.uk.  

If you are not able to come to campus because you are self-isolating, but you feel well enough to study, you can continue your studies online during your isolation period. You should inform your Course Director immediately, and let us know that you are self-isolating using the reporting form on the Student Portal so that we can assess further support you might need.

Course information, materials and content will be available online through the Aula learning experience platform, our online library services and more.

Students should speak to a teaching and learning staff member (an academic, library or registry colleague) if they are struggling to complete assessments because they are not able to get necessary equipment.

In accordance with government guidance, you can travel locally to campus to collect essential equipment needed to support your studies or to make use of bookable study spaces and equipment if you cannot do so from home.

Attendance is monitored for all students both for online and on-campus learning, to allow us to ensure students are engaging with their course.

On-campus attendance is captured as normal by scanning your ID card.

Online attendance is monitored in Aula by the level of engagement with learning materials through the platform.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been told to self-isolate, stay at home and report it to us.

For any illness where you are too unwell to study, you should contact your registry team and let them know the module code, date and time of session, and the reason for your absence – this includes if you are learning online.

FAH – registryenq.fah@coventry.ac.uk

EEC – facultyregistry.eec@coventry.ac.uk

FBL – facultyregistry.fbl@coventry.ac.uk

HLS – registry.hls@coventry.ac.uk

Coventry University London – registry.london@coventry.ac.uk

CU Coventry – registry.cuc@coventry.ac.uk

CU Scarborough – registry.cus@coventry.ac.uk

CU London – registry.cul@coventry.ac.uk

Courses and modules are delivered through the Aula platform, enabling you to access lectures and resources online, so you can catch up on anything you might miss.

Government advice provides that if you live at university, you should not move back and forward between your permanent home and student home during term time.

If you live out of the local area, you should only travel to campus for your timetabled learning activities if you are studying on an exempt course, or have booked a space to study in one of the buildings on Coventry campus.

If you are not local to the campus or on an exempt course, you should stay at home and not travel between term time addresses.

Current government guidance advises to avoid travelling in or out of your local area and to reduce the number of journeys you make. However, you can still travel for a number of reasons, including travelling to education. If you can walk or cycle where possible, this is encouraged, and the Coventry campus has a number of secure cycle racks where you can store your bike if you travel this way.

If you use public transport, please think about the times and route you travel to avoid the busiest times where you can. In line with government guidance, you must wear a face covering on public transport.

You should not travel to campus if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been asked to self-isolate.

The main symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

If you have any of these symptoms, even very mild, you must:

You can view your timetable via the timetable app on the Student Portal (login required). Only your on-campus and ‘real-time’ online sessions will appear in your timetable. All other sessions/materials will not appear in your timetable and will be accessible via Aula as directed by your Course Director.

Please note that the number of students we can accommodate on campus and in classrooms is worked out based on current government advice, which is subject to change.

If you are having an issue with your timetable, including missing or incorrect information, please speak to the Student Engagement Centre for support to resolve the problem.

Wherever possible and practical, assessments will be completed and submitted online. This ensures that where on-campus or specialist facilities are essential for an assessment, there is maximum availability.

Some exams may take place on-campus if it is a specific requirement of a course. You will be advised about your specific assessments by your Module Leader/Tutor, or find the information you need in Aula.

You should discuss your situation with your Course Director/Module Tutor who can offer you guidance and support on managing your workload.

You can also speak to your registry team about applying for extensions on assessment deadlines or deferrals on assessments until the next academic year.

You can also apply to defer or temporarily withdraw from your course and you should discuss this with both your Course Director/Module Tutor and registry team. Deferring or withdrawing will have an impact on your progression and completion timeframes, so make sure you discuss these options in full to ensure that you understand the implications it will have on you and your studies. 

You may also be able to switch from blended (on-campus and online) learning to fully online, subject to any restrictions. If you wish to do this, you should contact your Course Director and they can discuss this with you.

Courses and modules will be delivered on the Aula learning experience platform. This is where you will access your learning materials and connect with lecturers, tutors and others on your course easily.

Aula will enable you to access lectures and resources at any time, so you can catch up on anything you may miss due to poor or unreliable internet connection.

Further details of our plans for teaching and learning can be found in our latest teaching and learning FAQs.

We value all feedback, good or bad, and aim to learn from any negative comment to help us improve the service that we offer. Visit the Student Portal registry pages for information on how to raise a concern.

If you have a medical condition, disability or neurodiverse condition and you are worried about the changes to the delivery of your teaching and learning, or anything else, please contact the Disabilities Team by emailing disabilityadvisor.ss@coventry.ac.uk or welfare.cus@coventry.ac.uk if you study at CU Scarborough.

While we are currently unable to offer face-to-face appointments, we are still able to support you so do not feel that you are alone. You can book a phone call or Microsoft Teams video call (accessed via Office 365), just let us know how you want the Disabilities Team to contact you and provide up to date contact details when you book.

For further information and support, please visit the relevant website:

No Detriment measures have been approved for the 2020/2021 academic year, and applies to all students currently studying with us.

Please read full details on the Student Portal (login required):





Stage one is delivered across two semesters starting from January to April and then from May to August.  

Our January courses at Coventry University only cater for stage one entry. Advanced entry begins in September only. Courses at our CU locations in Coventry, London and Scarborough cater for advanced entry in all of their intakes including January 2021. 

We can provide this for you, call us on 02477 65 2222, email ukadmissions@coventry.ac.uk or use Online chat. Please note when booking accommodation it may request a 7 digit number in which case, please use the first 7 digits of your Student ID.

We have an online course which provides information on how to progress to university and the skills needed to succeed. Find out more and register your interest here.

Yes, please email us at wideningparticipation@coventry.ac.uk for support and advice on your next steps.

If you are a new student, you will have a comprehensive online induction before you begin your studies. Your induction will include information about what support is available to you and how to access it, online or face to face. Access to online induction will be available before you start your course as soon as your place is confirmed.

If a work placement provider or study abroad host institution is happy to accept students on placement by the final date of enrolment for the academic year, then students can continue to start their placements. Students must take into account of any government and Foreign Commonwealth Office advice about the impact of COVID-19. 

To find out more about work placements, contact the Talent Team by 

emailing talentteam@coventry.ac.uk

To find out more about study abroad opportunities, contact get.cge@coventry.ac.uk

For the safety of all our visitors, students and colleagues, we are holding virtual open days which replace our usual on-campus open days. We don’t want you to miss out on seeing what Coventry has to offer so we have designed our virtual events so that you can: 

  • watch subject talks and meet our tutors 
  • chat to students to learn more about their experiences with us 
  • explore our campuses virtually 
  • learn more about admissions, student finance and student support   
  • take part in Q&As about student accommodation. 

Visit our virtual open day page to book your place. 

Current students

If you are struggling with your deadlines and managing your time, then please contact your Course Director/ Module Tutor for advice on how they can support you.

If you are struggling to meet your upcoming assessment, then you can apply for an extension or a deferral. For guidance on how to apply for an extension of up to two weeks for coursework, or for a deferral on coursework or an exam until the next term, please visit the Student Portal.

You should understand the implications of applying for a change to your assessment deadlines –  you may experience a delay in your end of term/year exam board results, and it may create future workload issues as you may end up with all assessments being due in within a few days of each other.

Evidence for extension and deferral applications is usually required, but we are aware that it is difficult to get supporting evidence in some circumstances at this time - please let your Registry Team know when you apply and they can advise you further.


You can access 24/7 support from IT Services (ITS) through the new ServiceNow Portal. This easy-to-access service replaces the previous ITS email service.

Log and manage a request/issue with ITS at any time

Use the ‘Request something’ button to request ITS support or use the ‘Something is broken’ button to report technical issues.

These features replace our previous email service.

Explore the Self-help Knowledge Portal

Get quick answers to your questions and find articles to resolve common issues without the need for ITS assistance. Use the search to explore the Self-Help Knowledge Portal

Explore the full range of these resources via the ‘Self-help’ button ServiceNow homepage.

Book a call back

The ‘Book a phone back’ button also gives you the option to book a call back at a time suitable for you.

Alternatively, you can join the live queue for support over the phone by calling +44 (0) 24 77657777.

Further information

If you have any questions you can use the ‘Ask a “How to” Question’ button found in ‘Request something’. This will direct you to the Service Desk, who can look to answer your query.

IT Tech Bar in the Lanchester Library

The IT Tech Bar in the Lanchester Library at our Coventry University campus has reopened for pre-booked, face-to-face appointments only, Monday to Friday, 08:30 - 16:00.

You will only be allowed into the Lanchester Library past the entrance gates if you have booked a study space through LibCal or have an appointment with another service in the building, such as the IT Tech Bar.

You can book either a face-to-face or telephone appointment via ServiceNow. Find out more about what to expect at your appointment and the health and safety measures in place.

Following government and public health advice, we regrettably had to cancel our graduation ceremonies in March/ April and July 2020, and certificates were posted to home addresses. We held virtual graduation celebrations for our students who graduated in November 2020, which were a great success. If restrictions continue and we are not able to have mass gatherings, we will be offering these again for students due to graduate in the coming months to mark their achievements. We will then explore options of having a physical celebration event once we are able.

For further information, Coventry University and CU Group students should email graduation.reg@coventry.ac.uk and Coventry University London students should email graduation.culc@coventry.ac.uk.

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