Current semester/ block (May - September 2020) FAQs

Current semester/ block (May - September 2020) FAQs

Online teaching and learning (May-September 2020) FAQs | Campus access and services (May-September 2020) FAQs | General questions on Coventry University Group’s response to COVID-19

The FAQs on this page provide detailed information for students currently undertaking their studies with us during the May-September semester/block. The information provided is applicable to all Coventry University Group students at:

  • Coventry University
  • Coventry University London
  • CU Coventry
  • CU London
  • CU Scarborough
  • Coventry University Wroclaw

Online teaching and learning (May-September 2020)

All campuses in the Coventry University Group have suspended face-to-face teaching from Friday 20 March, 17.00hrs and will now deliver teaching online from that date. The decision to suspend face-to-face teaching was made based on government advice on social distancing, with the aim of keeping all students and staff as safe as possible. We are planning how we can bring staff and students back to campus and we will update you when anything changes.

You should discuss your situation with your course director who can offer you guidance and support on managing your workload this semester. You can also speak to your faculty registry team about applying for extensions on assessments deadlines or deferrals on assessments until next academic year. You can apply to temporary withdraw and you should discuss this with both your course director and faculty registry team. Deferring or withdrawing will have an impact on your progression and completion timeframes, so make sure you discuss these options in full to ensure that you understand its implications for you. 

We are currently looking into options for students who do not have internet access or IT equipment at home. Please email so that you are notified of any updates.

Course team contact information can be found on Moodle, and you can get support from your Registry using the contact details on your campus's student portal or relevant email address below:







CUS –  


​Your course team will have a plan in place to provide cover, and you will be notified should this happen.

For Maths and Stats support, please visit the sigma website:

They are frequently updating the information and are providing online drop-ins and 1-2-1 appointments through Big Blue Button, as well as their usual range of online resources.

The Centre for Academic Writing is continuing to provide an Academic Writing Tutorial service to Coventry University students.

Tutorials are being offered via email only and can be requested by emailing  from your university student email address, making sure you:

  • Tell them your student ID number
  • Tell them your year of study
  • Attach your assignment brief
  • Attach your assignment
  • Tell them what you would like the Academic Writing Tutor to look at and give feedback on.

Your request will be allocated to an Academic Writing Tutor on a "first-come, first-served" basis, subject to availability. The Academic Writing Tutor will provide feedback comments on your assignment draft. This will then be emailed back to your university student email address.

CAW isn't taking phone calls at the moment, so thank you for your patience and they hope to resume their full services as soon as possible.

You will be advised as to what modifications have been made to your group assessments. Some will switch to individual assessments whilst others will continue as online group work and assessments.

Yes, all assessments have been adapted to be managed online for all students.

For Coventry University students, exams will still take place in week 13 of semester 3 (week commencing 10th August 2020). You will be able to access the exam timetable on the student portal exam pages from Mid-July.

Coventry University London students should check AULA/Moodle/FutureLearn for details of their online assessments.

CU Coventry, CU London (Barking and Dagenham), CU London (Greenwich) and CU Scarborough students should check Moodle for updates on assessment arrangements.

​All assessments dates for semester 3 submissions are correct as confirmed by your Module leader on Moodle/AULA/FutureLearn. 

​Yes you can apply for an extension of up to 2 weeks for assessments before the due date of the assessment and you will need to provide evidence to support your request. You can apply for a deferral on assessment or exams, prior to the date of the submission/exam and you will need evidence to support your request.

​Yes all students who are in a resit or deferred position will have access to electronic resources until after the next assessment period in August.

If you have a medical condition, disability or neurodiverse condition and you are worried about the changes that have been made to move teaching and assessments online or anything else, please do contact the Disabilities Team. Whilst there are no face-to-face appointments you can book a phone call or Microsoft teams video call (accessed via office 365) just let us know how you want us to contact you and give your up to date contact details when you book. We are still able to support you, please email so that we can help, do not feel that you are alone. Students at CU Scarborough should email

If you are entitled to individual exam arrangements and you feel that the change of an exam assessment to an alternative online assessment method may pose you some difficulties then you should contact the Disabilities Team. They are no longer having face-to-face appointments, but are able to support you by phone or Microsoft Teams video calling (accessible via Office 365) which can be booked online. Please indicate in the booking how you wish to be contacted and provide your contact number. They are also able to offer support by email:

Due to current circumstances, all book loans have been extended and are now due back by 23 September 2020 at Coventry University.

If you really need to return your books i.e. you are a final year student or leaving to return overseas, you can return your books to the Alma Building (CV1 5QA) either on a Monday or on a Friday between 09:00-11:00 only. For more details and to check any changes in service check the FAQs on the Lanchester Library website.

If you are a Coventry University London student please email for further assistance. 

As we are continuing to deliver a full and interactive teaching and learning experience online until we can safely re-open the campuses in accordance to UK Government Guidance, there will be no changes to tuition fees. 

If you choose to continue studying with us via online delivery until we can re-open safely in accordance with UK Government Guidance, you will not be entitled to any refund. We always respect a student's decision to change their mind from joining a course or withdrawing from a course and would process any refund in line with the Tuition Fee and Refund Terms and Conditions. We understand a withdrawal will have been a difficult decision, particularly under the uncertain circumstances we find ourselves in. Coventry University students should see the Tuition Fee and Refund Terms and Conditions and refund form. Please submit completed forms and attachments by email to Please note that upon receipt of a fully completed form and all relevant supporting documents, if a refund is approved, it could take us up to 6 weeks to process your request and complete the refund.

For September 2020, we are committed to delivering as much face-to-face teaching and the widest university experience as possible, while prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. A full explanation of our planning for September 2020 and beyond is available on the university website.

If you are an international student and you require a visa to travel to the UK for your repeat modules, then you should email to seek advice about applying for your visa. Additional information for International Students is available on the website

​As in the last semester/ block, exams will be adapted for online delivery, with extended opening times to accommodate a wide range of time zones. The extension and deferrals process will now return to normal, so if you require an extension or deferral, you will have to apply for and evidence it.

Campus access and services (May-September 2020)

In line with the current government advice, it has been agreed that all our campuses, including the main Coventry campus, are now closed until further notice.

This means that our buildings are closed to all students and staff who do not have prior arrangement for access. If you have prior agreed access, please email Coventry University Protection Service to agree access details by emailing and or by phoning 024 7765 7363.

​Our halls of residence will remain open to those who need accommodation.

​We are working closely with Sodexo to ensure that food continues to be provided to catered residents in the safest possible way. We will be contacting all residents who this applies to. 

We know that some students still have belongings in their university accommodation that they will be eager to collect, whilst others who have travelled overseas may be anxious about how they might collect or regain possession of their belongings.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is important to us, and therefore we advise that you do not attempt to collect belongings until we send further instructions. We must be confident that when the time is right for collection of belongings, we can observe all social distancing measures and keep both you and our staff safe whilst doing so.

Please be reassured that we are keeping your belongings safe and once the time is right to collect them we will be in touch.

Yes, if you have stayed in university halls during this time then you can now leave and return home to your parents' accommodation, following guidance issued by the UK Government.

This only applies if you have been staying in university halls or purpose built student accommodation. Please inform your accommodation provider who will work with you to ensure that you can leave your accommodation safely. Please understand that this will be you leaving this accommodation permanently, so ensure you take all of your belongings.

For any specific queries, the Department for Education has launched a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 from higher education staff, students and parents. Phone: 0800 046 8687;  email: Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday).

International students who have immigration queries related to coronavirus can call 0800 678 1767 (9am to 5pm) or email There is also more detailed advice on the government website

All Students' Union services are still operating, services are transitioning to digital delivery, and some events have been postponed or cancelled. For department specific updates and contact details visit  For general enquiries email

If you need advice around accommodation, money, or your course, please email provide your name, student ID number, a contact telephone number, and brief details about your issue and an advisor will contact you.

University support
We are working on more ways we can support students and staff at this difficult time, but there are lots immediate advice and resources that are already available, so please make the most of these. 


We are trying to support as many students as we can and continue to offer a range of support services online, either by telephone or email.

Any student worried about the current situation or experiencing distress or difficulties with their mental health who would benefit from speaking with a Welfare Officer, Counsellor or Mental Health Advisor can contact Health and Wellbeing by email to for students in Scarborough, or For Coventry University London.

Students who are already registered with the service can continue to make appointments via the booking system.

If you have any concerns about your own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of any of your friends and family you can:

Mind charity advice and support

The mental health charity Mind has information for those who are worried about the coronavirus outbreak and how it could affect your life.

They have information available for those who:

  • are feeling anxious or worried about coronavirus
  • Have been asked to stay at home or avoid public places, for example if your employer asks you to work from home
  • have to self-isolate.

Please do not attend the medical centre in person, unless you have been asked to do so by the medical centre staff. You may call the medical centre as usual on telephone number - 024 7659 2012.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature or a new, continuous cough), use the 111 coronavirus service. If you need help or advice not related to coronavirus, you can use the NHS website or the Coventry University Medical Centre Website. For urgent medical help, use the NHS 111 online service – only call 111 if you're unable to get help online. For life-threatening emergencies, call 999 for an ambulance.

General questions on Coventry University Group’s response to COVID-19

We appreciate that many people will be concerned about COVID-19 and want to know about our response and planning. 

Senior management across our locations in Coventry, London and Scarborough are co-ordinating our response using the advice of the UK Government and public health officials. Health and safety is our first priority and we are taking a co-ordinated and informed approach. Our staff are experienced in dealing with public health issues and we are taking all required steps and precautions in line with official advice.

In line with our co-ordinated and informed approach and government advice, since March 2020 we have introduced a range of measures in line with governmental advice:

  • We have closed all of our campuses for all but essential, prior arranged access.
  • We have suspended face-to-face teaching and moved teaching and learning online for semester 2 and 3 of the 2019/ 2020 academic year.
  • We have moved all open days to virtual open days until further notice.
  • We have postponed or cancelled all field trips.
  • We have suspended all Coventry University Group international travel until further notice.
  • We have suspended all graduation ceremonies scheduled for March, April and July, while ensuring degrees are awarded. Celebrations will be re-arranged at a later date.
  • We have developed a new health and wellbeing programme for all students and staff focused on staying connected.

We have a good working relationship with Public Health England (PHE) and are constantly assessing all available information from all relevant official bodies. As part of our co-ordinated and informed approach, we are constantly reviewing guidance for students and staff and updating our dedicated pages here and on the Staff Portal

For September 2020, we are committed to delivering as much face-to-face teaching and the widest university experience as possible, while prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. A full explanation of our planning for September 2020 and beyond is available on Our plans page.

Please visit the Department of Health and Social Care website for the latest information. We continue to liaise with officials from Public Health England and are constantly monitoring for updated advice, and continue to update the information provided on the staff and student portals in line with this.

This dedicated page is regularly updated with the latest information in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. You should ensure you check it regularly to keep yourself informed. 

The university is also regularly updating students and staff via their university email accounts with key information.

Please follow advice from the government and check back regularly for further updates as the government continues to review its guidance.

On 16 March, the UK Government issued advice on self-isolation and this page is continually updated, in summary:

  • people with symptoms that may be caused by coronavirus, and do not require hospital treatment must remain at home and order a coronavirus test to confirm if you have coronavirus
  • those living in households with someone who shows symptoms that may be caused by coronavirus should stay at home for 14 days.

The NHS defines the symptoms of coronavirus as:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change in their normal sense of smell or taste - is the loss of or a change in your normal sense of smell, and it can also affect your sense of taste.

If you need to self-isolate, or you have been tested for coronavirus and you have received a confirmed diagnosis, you can advise the university by contacting the Student Engagement Centre by email or by phone if you cannot email on 02477 656565 (opening hours: 8am-7pm).

  • We have developed a new health and wellbeing programme for all students and staff focused on staying connected called Connections Matter.
  • If you are self-isolating in either private accommodation or halls please contact the Student Engagement Centre by email to or phone 02477 656565 to notify them. If you are struggling to get food supplies, we will endeavour to make arrangements to support you during your isolation.  
  • Coventry University Students Union offer a range of support to all students. Visit the CUSU website to find out more.
  • If you are struggling financially due to changes brought about by Covid-19, please email for support and advice.

Following our decision to suspend graduation ceremonies planned for March/April, we can now confirm that we have had to take the decision to cancel graduation ceremonies scheduled for July 2020. We realise that this will be disappointing news to graduands who were due to attend these ceremonies, but we hope you will understand why we have made this decision.

So as not to disadvantage students due to graduate, the awards will be conferred in absentia and certificates posted to home addresses. It is therefore important that students due to graduate this spring check that their address details are up-to-date on SOLAR. We want to mark the great achievements of everyone who is awarded their degree in July, and will share more information in due course.

For further information, Coventry University and CU Group students should email and Coventry University London students should email

This notice provides information on how we collect and process your personal data for the purpose of managing staff and student needs during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The data we collect about you:

We may collect, use and store following personal data about you or someone you care for:

  • Your identity data or identity of someone you care for.
  • Any underlying health conditions which may make you more vulnerable to Covid-19.

How we use your personal data

We will only use your personal data for the purpose for which we collected it which include the following:

  • To record your details where you have an underlying health condition.
  • To record your details where you have informed us that you are a carer.
  • To manage and support staff and students that are vulnerable.

How we share your personal data

We will only share your personal data with the University group and only where the sharing is necessary to support you.

For more information how we process your data please see our Privacy Notices on our website.

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