Key industry figures meet to discuss the transformative impact of electrification

Wednesday 06 December 2023

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How can companies operate in the electrification arena and attract a new generation of workers? How do they retrain and empower existing staff? These were key topics of conversation at a breakfast event.

Several guests from high-profile businesses shared their insights and expertise on the subject at the roundtable discussion, which was facilitated by Coventry University and hosted by Kurt Jacobs, editor of Midlands Business Insider magazine.  

Guests came together at the Mira Technology Institute (MTI) in Nuneaton, and included a mixture of CEOs and Managing Directors from companies such as Horiba MIRA, UK Battery Industrialisation Centre, RBW EV cars, Helixx and Eaton.  

During the discussion, business leaders examined the reasons behind skills shortages, and explored what is currently being done to tackle this, including what the possibilities are to achieve mass re-skilling.

Leading expert from Coventry University, Professor Rohit Bhagat, Director of the Research Centre for E-Mobility and Clean Growth (CEMR), said: 

Despite electrification having the capability to create tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of business breaks in the Midlands alone, the biggest hurdle on revolutionising the region’s manufacturing base is a severe lack of skills in electrification, this is only set to worsen as the opportunities grow.

When discussing the engineers of the future, particular attention was paid to the importance of the real time education to support the development of skills in line with evolving technologies. The conversation then moved to the topic of how businesses could look to utilise the knowledge and expertise of universities.

A key focus of the discussion included the Electric Revolution Skills Hub which was launched by Coventry University earlier in 2023. Alessandro Pirolini, Sales Manager for Manufacturing and Engineering at Coventry University explained to attendees how the skills hub is an integrated digital platform that brings together employers, educators, individuals, and training providers in PEMD (Power Electronics, Motors, and Drives) to work together to upskill the nation so that it can meet the electrification challenges of the future.  

It was great to be part of the roundtable and discuss the transformative impact of electrification with a group of inspiring business leaders. Collaboration is key, and working with higher education institutions can enable employers to produce a skills solution for the individual and the business.

Professor Rohit Bhagat, Director of the Centre for E-Mobility and Clean Growth (CEMR)

To find out more about electrification skills, visit the Electric Revolution Skills Hub or to discuss any training opportunities, contact the business services teams at Coventry University.

CEMR undertakes research to find solutions related to the decarbonisation of the transport and energy sectors, looking at lithium batteries, power electronics and electric drives, supercapacitors and fuel cells with core applications in transport.  

Contact Rohit to learn more about opportunities for collaboration.