Coventry University colleague to champion diversity in enterprise education after appointment to board of Enterprise Educators UK

Dr Cherisse Hoyte

Dr Cherisse Hoyte, Curriculum Lead (Associate Professor) Entrepreneurship at Coventry University.

Date published

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Dr Cherisse Hoyte discusses her ongoing work to champion diversity and inclusion in the education sector, helping to pave the way for future black leaders.

Enterprise Educators UK is an independent membership network that seeks to enable excellence in education by connecting and supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship educators across the world.

Earlier this month, Curriculum Lead (Associate Professor) Entrepreneurship at Coventry University, Dr Cherisse Hoyte, learned about the extent of the work she’ll be involved in with Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK), having been appointed to their board of directors on a three-year term in August.

Cherisse will assist EEUK’s Governance and Risk Committee in updating their policies to reflect the diversity of enterprise educators, a role she is very much looking forward to.

Enterprise Educators UK is a fantastic network of like-minded academics and practitioners. Coventry University last had a Board Director on EEUK in 2014, so it will remind the sector that enterprise and entrepreneurship are very much alive in Coventry.

Aside from my work with the Governance and Risk Committee, I will also contribute to the organisation's newsletter with a New Year blog post in January 2024, and I am keen to assist the conference steering committee in planning the annual International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC), and National Enterprise Educator Awards in September 2024.

Access to enterprise and entrepreneurship skills for all levels of education is something I am particularly passionate about. I look forward to taking on this strategic role at EEUK to contribute to enterprise and entrepreneurship education being more inclusive and representative of the sector.

Dr Cherisse Hoyte

Cherisse's new role will also be a platform to showcase best practice from the new curriculum transformation project in the College of Business and Law at Coventry University, where entrepreneurialism has been embedded in mandatory modules across Level 4 mainstream business management, economics, finance and accounting courses.

Dr Hoyte has led transformational shifts in our curriculum across a range of courses to ensure we nurture our students' entrepreneurial mindset.

Cherisse is collegiate, passionate and pragmatic, and her appointment to the Board of EEUK is recognition of her standing in the field of entrepreneurship. I could not be more pleased for Coventry University and I am incredibly proud of Cherisse's achievements. She is a role model in every sense.

Jenna Ward, Academic Dean for the College of Business and Law at Coventry University

Cherisse's appointment will champion diversity and inclusion in the education sector – an approach that Coventry University Group aims to embed across all of its activities as part of the 2030 Group Strategy.

As part of this year's Black History Month theme of ‘celebrating our sisters’, a dedicated webpage has been created to host a series of blogs and articles highlighting the outstanding achievements of black women across the Group - and that includes Cherisse's ongoing work to champion diversity.

I have always been grateful to work at a university where there are visible female role models that look like me and pave the way for future black leaders, including women like Fiona Secondino, Deputy Director of Research Services, and Devina Whitwell, CUSU Director of Employability.

I have also been privileged to work across different schools and departments and have met many allies who champion positivity and work to eliminate prejudice. This makes coming to work feel like a safe space where I can be myself.

Dr Cherisse Hoyte

More information

  • Visit the EEUK website to learn more about Dr Cherisse Hoyte and her role on the board.