Six free places to visit in Coventry

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Thursday 12 November 2020

Andreea is studying advertising and marketing at Coventry university. I’ve rounded up the best places you can go for a day out – and the best thing is, they won’t cost a penny.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, items, places or activities referred to in this article may be currently closed, temporarily unavailable or not operating as usual. Please check with the provider directly before booking or confirming anything.

Digital Media enthusiast Andreea studied Advertising and Marketing at Coventry University. She lived in Coventry has compiled a list of the best places in and around the city that you can go for a day out - and better yet, they won’t cost a penny. (Unless you count ice cream money!)

1. Coombe Abbey Country Park

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Take afternoon tea in this beautiful stately home, or walk the grounds for free

Coombe Abbey Country Park is set in 500 acres of beautiful countryside and offers formal gardens, lakeside walks, a restaurant and gift shop.

It is a fun park to explore for wildlife enthusiasts as it has one of the largest heronries in the UK, in addition to cygnets and baby ducks. Overall, it is a very relaxed place, ideal for picnics or barbecues or just enjoying an ice-cream while getting some sunshine.

2. Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport museum exterior 767x368.jpg

So much history in one room.

The Coventry Transport Museum provides a fascinating account of the history of road transport in Britain. The museum takes visitors through the history of British car manufacturing. Collections of note include royal limousines, as well as numerous fun interactive educational displays. In addition, it has a simulator at the end of the route.

3. Coventry Cathedral

Cathedral 767x368.jpgCoventry Cathedral is a peaceful place steeped in history. The cathedral area is composed of the ruins of the old cathedral and the elegant new cathedral.

The coffee shop situated in the new cathedral is a wonderful place for lunch, very cosy with lovely food and drink.

4. Fargo Village

Fargo 767x368.jpg

A short walk from the city centre, Fargo Village is a hidden gem for a bite to eat, a look around the small indie shops, and has vintage clothes as well as the unique Phil Silvers Archival Museum. There is something for everyone: vintage, crafts, tea, sweets, books, scooters, even a brewery. It is worth a visit and do not forget to try the bubble tea!

5. Caludon Castle Park

Caludon Castle Park 767x368.jpg

Set in beautiful park, the Caludon Castle ruin is a unique ancient monument. It is a Grade-I listed building housing the city’s only castle remains from the 14th Century. The remaining wall includes two large tracery windows, decorated by red sandstone, which stand out against the grey. The park is a wonderful place to relax, where you can enjoy a treat from the ice-cream van and walk around the 14th century historic site.

6. Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Herbert Art Gallery 767x368.jpg

The Herbert Museum shows everything from Coventry’s history, through the manufacturing boom and into the modern era. The museum has a substantial number of collections and galleries that include fine paintings, historical artefacts and natural history specimens. The Herbert is a beautiful place to get to know Coventry’s history and grab a snack or drink from the ground floor café.

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