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Thursday 07 May 2015

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Coventry University is inviting members of the public to join in a live art show taking place at the Lanchester Gallery in Coventry city centre on Monday 11 May.  

The university has commissioned renowned street artists the Graffiti Kings, who have worked for the likes of Sky Sports and Sony, to produce a mural representing Coventry’s creative spirit. 

Led by Darren Cullen, who was the official street artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Graffiti Kings have been called in to help promote this year’s Degree Show, in which students from the university’s School of Art and Design showcase their work to the public at venues across the city and beyond.  

Offering everything from live music gigs and theatre productions to art displays, fashion shows, films and photography exhibitions, the Degree Show is a celebration of the up and coming creative talent emerging from Coventry. 

The artwork that the Graffiti Kings are putting together is intended to capture the city’s creative spark in a striking visual display. Working from scratch on an installation twenty feet long by eight feet high, Darren and his fellow street artists kick off the their live show at 10am on Monday with a deadline of 5pm to have the piece completed. 

Members of the public are invited to come along to watch the artists in action as their work takes shape and, if they wish, to pick up a spray can and contribute to the piece by adding their own design to the mural. Once completed, the artwork will be on public display at the Lanchester Gallery until Thursday 14 May. 

Darren Cullen from the Graffiti Kings, said: 

We’re really excited about this project and can’t wait to get started. The Degree Show is something that everyone in Coventry should be really proud of and we’re looking forward to producing a piece that really speaks to the people of the city about the creative talent that’s on their doorstep. 

We’re keen for this mural to truly represent the city so that’s why we’re inviting local people to come along and take part. Together I think we can produce something really special.

Professor Mark Evans, associate dean of Coventry University’s School of Art and Design, said:

We’re delighted to have the Graffiti Kings on board for our Degree Show. Their work is vibrant, varied and always engaging - which is exactly what our Degree Show aims to be - so I’m sure that the mural that they will produce next week will be a fitting tribute to the talents of our students. 

I hope that as many people from the city as possible will join Darren and his colleagues for the live show next week. It should be a lot of fun.

The Graffiti Kings will be putting on their live art show at the Lanchester Gallery, Jordan Well, Coventry CV1 5FB from 10am to 5pm on Monday 11 May. The completed design will be on public display in the gallery from Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 May (12pm – 2pm daily). Attendance is free. 

For further press information please contact Mark Farnan, marketing and communications, on +44 (0)24 7765 8245 or email

Graffiti Kings Ltd
The Graffiti Kings are a professional graffiti art company and graffiti artist agency, formed by pioneering UK graffiti artist Darren Cullen. The Graffiti Kings offer live graffiti art events, workshops, interior design and advertising campaigns. Their clients include world famous brands such as Adidas, Microsoft and Sony. 

The Degree Show 2015
Coventry University’s Degree Show is an annual event to celebrate and showcase the work of graduating students from the university’s School of Art and Design as they aspire to make their mark in the creative world.

The Degree Show is a diverse collection of performances and exhibitions, all sharing the same ethos of creative freedom, imagination and collaboration. Scripted plays stand alongside original dance pieces on contemporary themes; orchestras and rock bands co-exist with community dance projects; and soulful sounds combine with comedy and tragedy.

The following events form part of the Degree Show 2015: 

Performing Arts Festival
Various performances at the Ellen Terry Building, Coventry University, Jordan Well, Coventry CV1 5RW and at other venues across the city – until 22nd May 2015
Graduate Fashion Show
Square One, The Hub, Coventry University, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QT
21st May 2015, 8pm - 10pm, tickets - £12

Art, Design & Media Private View
Graham Sutherland Building, Coventry University, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5PH
29th May 2015, 6pm – 9pm 

Art, Design & Media Exhibition
Graham Sutherland Building, Coventry University, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5PH
30th May - 4th June 2015, 10am – 5pm, registration not required