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Adaora Nwankwo-Onyiuke

Senior Lecturer

Dr Johanna Jiang

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Dr Aaron Taylor

Principal Lecturer

Callum Morrison

Senior Lecturer

James Terzeon

Senior Lecturer

Dr Lauren Crabb

Senior Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Roopa Nagori

Senior Lecturer and Course Director (MBA International Human Resource Management)

Ellie Sadanoglu

Lecturer in Strategy and Operations Management

Dr Gratien David Pillai

Senior Lecturer

Dr Amanda Juan Mao

Senior Lecturer

Yvonne Browne

Senior Lecturer

Dr Manpreet K Dhillon

Lecturer in Business and Management

Mike Elkin

Course director of BA Global Business Management

Sumara Khan

Senior Lecturer

Antonia Koumproglou

Lecturer in HR and Organisational Behaviour

John Watkins

Head of Department - Management and Human Resources

Ian King

Lecturer in HRM and Organisational Behaviour

Siham Aboujanah

Senior Lecturer and Deputy Course Director (BA Global Business Management)

Dr Xinying Yu (Irene)

Senior Lecturer