Dr Gloria Oliomogbe

Lecturer in Project Management

Email: ad9732@coventry.ac.uk

Dr Gloria Oliomogbe is currently the module leader for Project management in the Digital Era and Project Planning and Budgeting Modules. She is adept at contextualising project management so that students can see the varied linkages of projects and organisations in different industries and sectors and find their place.

She is interested in enabling future project managers that fit in the project economy and the digital era, i.e., human capital fit for purpose. In addition, Dr Oliomogbe is also interested in project management derived organisational dynamic capabilities that drive organisational competitiveness and the role of project management in the project economy and digital era.

Dr Oliomogbe was a Major Project Association Grant Recipient in 2013 and recipient of the Coventry University Engineering Prize for overall performance in Engineering Project Management in 2008.


  • PhD Engineering Project Management
  • MSc Engineering Project Management
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering

Professional and Industry Memberships

  • Associate - Association for Project Management

Research and Consultancy

Dr Oliomogbe’s principal research interest is understanding the link between how organisations deploy project management and attaining competitive advantage. This focuses attention on the intangible benefits derived from the deployment of project management which are critical for the project economy in congruence with the fourth and fifth industrial revolution. These project management capabilities reflect the path dependence of organisations, and support the increasing reliance on digital technologies and digital innovation.

Her other research interests include the construct of project value and project management value, as well as socio-technical approaches to business problems with an emphasis on business models and megaprojects.

Publications and Scholarship Activities

  • Brookes, N., Glass, Jacqui., Castro, A., Locatelli, G., & Oliomogbe, G. (2020) Eliminating Modern Slavery from projects. APM Research Fund Series, APM

  • Brookes, N. J., Hickey, R., Littau, P., Locatelli, G. & Oliomogbe, G. O. (2015). Using Multi-case Approaches in Project Management Research: The Megaproject Experience. In: PERSIAN, B. (ed.) Designs, Methods and Practices for Research of Project Management. Surrey, UK: Gower Publishing Limited

  • Oliomogbe, G. O. & Smith, N. J. (2013) Does the Deployment of Project Management itself provides benefits? Both Tangible and Intangible. In: Smith, S. D. & Ahiaga-Dagbui, D. D., eds. 29th Annual ARCOM Conference 2-4 September 2013, Reading. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 881-891.

  • Oliomogbe, G. O. & Smith, N. J. (2012) Value in Megaprojects. Organisation, Technology and Management, an International Journal, 4, 617.
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