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If a topic is especially difficult, it is never a problem getting extra help from the tutors – they really take their time explaining the content and making sure you understand it.

Iga, International Finance and Accounting BA (Hons)

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September 2019



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This top-up degree builds on your prior study and experience, enabling you to advance in the exciting, fast-paced, world of marketing.

This is a top-up course, which means you’ll be looking to build on previous qualifications (such as HND, BTEC or a foundation degree) to achieve a bachelor’s degree in just one academic year. Perhaps you’re already in marketing but feel you need a degree to progress further, or you might want to move into marketing for the first time.

You’ll study at a university which is well-ranked for business and marketing degrees. You’ll be in the centre of London, one of the busiest, most vibrant capitals of the world, surrounded by opportunities to explore marketing in action. This course offers solid academic foundations with a high level of exposure to the practical world of work, including engagement with employers, activities and events. 

Why Coventry University London?

We believe that there is no better place to learn about business than to study in the heart of one of the most successful business and financial centres in the world. Launched in 2010 and located in the City of London, we are minutes away from the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange, and are surrounded by several blue chip companies.

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What our students say...

I was anxious because English isn’t my first language, but I had nothing to worry about… With constant encouragement from my tutors, I’m now able to present in front of different people.

Jade, Global Marketing top up BA

Course information

Marketing is recognised by the most successful organisations as a vital contributor to the highest levels of business strategy. This fascinating one-year course will equip you with the skills you need to begin or advance your career in marketing.

Marketing around the world is currently undergoing a series of fundamental and far-reaching social and technological changes. This course will equip you with the knowledge and managerial skills you need to succeed in these new market realities, enabling you to impress employers with your specialist knowledge and innovative thinking. The course has been developed in consultation with experts across a range of private and public sectors, ensuring that our graduates have the skills employers need.

You’ll learn the science of marketing management, consumer behaviour, customer relationships, and communications (including digital). You’ll grow into a highly skilled marketing professional , able to create comprehensive marketing strategies across a range of channels and market types and to develop new solutions to real-life business problems. 

Course Specification
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Over the course of the year, you’ll deepen your understanding of how businesses and marketing operate. You’ll learn the academic theories behind marketing while developing a wide range of practical and managerial skills. Through a series of projects and challenges, you’ll learn how to select and apply marketing theories, tools and techniques to solve problems at every level of the business.


  • International Business Strategy

    You’ll explore how organisations plan for achieving their high-level goals, and how marketing contributes to this process.

  • International Marketing Strategy

    Marketing starts with the customer and builds from there: learn to develop end-to-end marketing strategies for achieving key goals. 

  • Developing Business Skills

    Marketers must know how organisations function; interconnect with other roles; and be effective communicators and team members. 

  • Marketing Communications

    Communication is a highly skilled art. Getting it right involves tailoring a huge range of approaches to meet your goals. 

  • Advanced Marketing Strategy

    Develop your understanding of how marketing influences business decision-making and operations at the highest levels.

  • Business Research Methods

    This module prepares you for your final major project and also helps you develop lifelong independent learning skills. 

  • Optional Modules

    1 from the following:

    Workplace Project

    Take up an internship and start applying the theory/ practical skills you’ve learned. It’s also a great way to boost your CV.

    Business Research Project

    Although based on campus, this project is based on real business experience and will sharpen essential workplace skills.

    Global Business Simulation

    Create and run your own virtual business using software: work as a team to respond to various challenges and opportunities.


Coventry University is ranked 15th in the UK Guardian University Guide 2020

In more detail...

  • You’ll explore how marketing operates within the private, public and voluntary sectors all over the world
  • You’ll learn how marketing activity can operate in-house or may be outsourced to a wide range of specialist agencies
  • You’ll have the opportunity to undertake an internship, which offers excellent work experience and will strengthen your CV.
  • You’ll develop a solid grounding in the principles of business and how marketing contributes to achieving overall business objectives
  • We use a wide range of enjoyable, practical and innovative teaching methods, including business simulations and project-based activities
  • We’ll show you how to develop comprehensive marketing strategies, and how top-level objectives filter down to individual marketing tactics
  • You’ll be immersed in best practice and the latest technologies, which you’ll learn in the classroom, by mixing with businesses, and on the streets of central London
  • You will enjoy regular exposure to businesses, including company visits (past visits include Coca-Cola, BMW and Harrods), networking, guest speakers and live projects

Your main study themes are:

  • Business – You’ll learn how and why organisations function, and what their key business imperatives are. You’ll also explore the role and importance of marketing within the world of business.
  • Strategic marketing – Successful businesses understand that marketing is an umbrella under which all other functions should sit. So you’ll learn about the strategic nature of marketing and how it informs decision-making at the highest levels.
  • Marketing communications – Key to marketing is the ability to identify, describe, serve and communicate with your audiences, choosing from the huge array of tools and media available to you.
  • Internationalisation – Every module on your course has been designed from a global perspective, helping you prepare for a career within, or working with, any organisations in any part of the world.

Besides attending lectures and seminars and using our online learning platform, you’ll get continual exposure to the world of work. That’s because this course has been designed to be as practical as possible, and to enable you to graduate as an experienced, work-ready individual with great employer appeal.

Tutors organise trips to meet major brand-name companies and arrange networking opportunities with business owners and managers. You may also have the opportunity to go on a field trip overseas. An active programme of guest speakers brings in high-profile figures from industry; in the past these have included a contestant on The Apprentice and academics from other institutions. There are opportunities for live projects with real business clients, such as advising a small company on aspects of its marketing. And students have participated in a Google online competition.

Some learning experiences should be self-directed, you’ll be encouraged to attend exhibitions, shows and museums. The Business Show at Olympia, London, for example, is a major industry event where you can explore current business issues and talk to companies – but since we’re in the heart of London, opportunities to observe and engage will be all around you.

It’s also good to learn from one another, and you should see your fellow students as a source of new understanding. Our international students are encouraged to share experiences and perspectives from their home countries, which will help to internationalise your learning and extend your multi-cultural understanding. You may also participate in student-led seminars, where a student takes on the role of the tutor and leads a session of their choice. 

Lectures, seminars, case studies, problem-based learning, workshops, live projects, guest lectures, group work, simulations and business plans, and company visits.

Our assessment methods offer helpful continuity in tracking your progress, so you’ll always be aware of your strengths and where you may need additional study. This will help you to keep working towards the best degree outcome for you.  

We also ensure that assessments are linked to the kind of work and appraisals you’ll experience in employment. This enables you to develop a high level of skill in these areas even before you graduate.

Therefore you will be assessed using a wide range of practical methods, on the basis of both individual and group work. This might incorporate a mixture of seminar and workshop activities, presentations, written assignments, management reports, case studies, individual and group presentations, research proposals and projects, creative pitches, debates, blogs, podcasts, simulations and portfolios. 

On successful completion, you should be able to:

  • understand what marketing is and is not, and how it is practised by different types of organisation around the world
  • describe the global economic, cultural, political, financial and business contexts within which organisations, and marketing functions, operate
  • describe how organisations interact with their external environments and audiences
  • apply your knowledge of marketing principles and practices to a wide range of industries and within an international context
  • understand the place of the consumer and the organisation in a competitive global environment
  • understand the nature of strategic decision-making in organisations
  • collect, analyse and present key information which will inform decision-making and enhance business performance
  • make creative and innovative improvements in the way marketing is done
  • communicate effectively in spoken and written contexts, adapting your approach appropriately according to audience, medium, channel and location in the world
  • identify and analyse problems within organisations, and suggest suitable marketing solutions and contributions.

In a typical week, you will have up to 12 contact hours, with a mix of lectures, seminars and workshops.

Every module of this course is internationalised, so you’ll take a global approach to all of your studies. Your tutors are likely to arrange an optional overseas field trip, during which you might engage with businesses, major events and/or universities. In your final term, you have the option of an internship, which you could arrange to do overseas.

You will study among students from a wide variety of cultures and nationalities, bringing with them different perceptions and ideas shaped by their home cultures. All students are encouraged to share these, for the benefit of everyone else. Your tutors will also bring their own experiences of working, researching or consulting internationally. 

What our students say...

I originally graduated with a diploma from Hong Kong. This course has given me different perspectives across marketing, and is quite different from what I’ve studied before.

Jade, Global Marketing top up BA

Clearing places available on this course

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What our students say...

Studying Global Marketing has given me different perspectives across marketing and is quite different from what I have studied before. Theories are all learnt practically with case studies and discussed deeply in seminars.

Jade, Global Marketing top up BA



September 2019

£9,250 (per year)


If you're a truly exceptional candidate we may be able to offer you a Coventry University Scholarship. Coventry University Scholarships are awarded to recognise truly exceptional achievement and academic excellence.



September 2019

£9,250 (per year)


If you're a truly exceptional candidate we may be able to offer you a Coventry University Scholarship. Coventry University Scholarships are awarded to recognise truly exceptional achievement and academic excellence.



September 2019

£12,924 (per year)


If you're a truly outstanding undergraduate candidate we may be able to offer you a Coventry University Scholarship. Coventry University Scholarships are awarded to recognise truly exceptional sports achievement and academic excellence.

What our students say...

Studying Global Marketing has given me different perspectives across marketing and is quite different from what I have studied before. Theories are all learnt practically with case studies and discussed deeply in seminars.

Jade, Global Marketing top up BA

Career prospects

Graduates of this course are creative, courageous, innovative and globally aware individuals who are ready to advance their careers in marketing or a wider business context.

When you graduate, you’ll have well-developed powers of analysis, clear perspectives on strategic thinking, and highly effective communication and research skills. You will also be familiar with issues of ethics, sustainability and globalisation. These skills are in high demand by employers in the private, public and third sectors.

You will be self-motivated and confident, able to make organisational improvements by challenging existing practice. Your academic learning will be grounded in practical exposure to the world of work, within and beyond the classroom, so you’ll be ready to make a smooth transition to the workplace. And you’ll have developed an approach to lifelong personal and professional development.


of students in work or further study six months after they left university

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Where our graduates work

A wide range of options will be open to you when you graduate. You might choose to take up a role in marketing, or you could apply your skills to a different business function – such as sales, product development or the supply chain. You could also go into a linked field, such as journalism or consultancy, or you could start your own business or agency.

You might take up a role with a private company, or in the public sector or for a not-for-profit organisation such as a charity. You might join a specialist agency which provides particular services to businesses, perhaps as a strategist, a creative or an account handler. Types of agencies include branding, advertising, PR, market research, SEO, media-buying, design, digital, video production, social media, and more. 

What our students say...

Studying Global Marketing has given me different perspectives across marketing and is quite different from what I have studied before. Theories are all learnt practically with case studies and discussed deeply in seminars.

Jade, Global Marketing top up BA
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