Applicant's Area

Applicant's Area

Earn while you Learn

Apprenticeship programmes enable people of all ages to earn a wage while studying for a higher level qualification. Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, from Level 4 to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels.

With Coventry University, learners can gain professional as well as academic qualifications.

There are plenty of benefits to becoming an apprentice:

  • You can earn a living while learning – and gain work experience at the same time.
  • Apply the knowledge you gain to your job immediately, consolidating your learning.
  • Get professional accreditation and membership of bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) and Association for Project Management (APM)

To secure an apprenticeship, you need to apply for a job with one of our partner employers. Please check our current vacancies to apply for an available role, or complete our register your interest form receive updates via email.

Apprenticeship subjects

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Business and Administration

Higher and degree apprenticeships in Business & Administration enable employers to develop first class leadership talent for their organisations.

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Our Postgraduate Teaching apprenticeship trains apprentices to become effective, resilient teachers. Practical learning in your own school is combined with high quality university teaching.

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These programmes bring together disciplines  linking understanding of natural environments and resources with the production of built environments.

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Digital and Technology

Digital and technological apprenticeships equip learners with the knowledge and professional skills needed for the jobs of today and the future.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

Situated in the historical heart of UK manufacturing, Coventry University enjoys a global reputation for research and teaching in engineering and manufacturing.


Health & Science

A Nursing apprenticeship gives learners the opportunity to work in a range of different roles, with a variety of service users, families and carers, and healthcare professionals.

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Legal, Finance & Accounting

These programmes equip apprentices to provide legal, financial and accountancy services to internal / external clients.

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These programmes provide both theoretical and practical learning modules that underpin knowledge and concepts of education and training of the police.

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Social Care

Apprenticeships that provides theoretical and practical learning modules that underpin knowledge and understanding of social care education and training.




My mum did an apprenticeship herself, and she encouraged it when I first started looking. It’s something I’m glad I’m doing now, because I’m getting on-the-job training, and not just a university course and a degree like that …I’m learning on the job. Because you’re working full time, your learning is to do with your job; the assignments you write are about your own job and the research and everything you do with the managers – you can get a better network with them as well. In four years I’ll have done my degree and got the experience, so I’ll be ready to step into – hopefully - that management or supervisor role at the end of it.

Rebecca, Vaultex Degree Apprentice



Throughout the process my knowledge and understanding of the wider business has grown significantly, enabling me to add more value to my current role. More specifically during my final business project, and studies into customer quality, I led the creation and distribution of a customer satisfaction survey. This new tool has captured tangible feedback from a vast number of our key customer accounts, and will be used to tactically improve the service that we offer them – potentially leading to increased retention rates and market share

Andrew, GE Aviation Degree Apprentice



I think [my apprenticeship] made me mature quicker, especially being the youngest out of the apprentices as well...we’ve got quite a varying age. I joined Vaultex at 18, I’m 20 now. I’ve had to mature faster, and had loads more experiences than I would have had.Definitely the plan is to stay within Vaultex, keep progressing through- I’m happy with the team I’m in – and just go into more of a management role. I’d like to manage more people and work my way up.Everything’s going really well. I’m happy!

Luke, Vaultex Degree Apprentice



Getting back into formal education after many years, along with starting to think and write academically, was challenging. However, due to the course design, delivery methods and the comprehensive tutor support and feedback received, provided much needed encouragement, motivation and guidance from the start. Subsequently, the transition and improvements were swift, as were the results that followed and hence, became self-perpetuating.

Tony, Chubb Systems Ltd



The support we received was outstanding. We got quick responses from our tutor with detailed suggestions and improvements, and she really made us apply ourselves. It was amazing to see how much we all improved academically.The apprentices on the degree are more motivated in day jobs because of the great opportunity, and because we are treated well, we are willing to work harder and give more back to the company in return for the great training.

Roisin, GE Aviation Degree Apprentice



The fact of working as well – it all ties in nicely. Rather than doing two different things, like university and working at Tesco’s, it’s all done in together and you’re constantly learning more. I have a mentor, Neil, who day-to-day I report to – but everyone in the team has been mini-mentors as well, which is good.

Scott, Vaultex Degree Apprentice

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