Global Marketing BSc (Hons)

Study level: Undergraduate
Three students walking through the City of London with the Gherkin Building in the background

Our Global Marketing BSc (Hons) aims to prepare you for career opportunities in marketing management and a range of related marketing fields, like branding, advertising, digital marketing, and market research.

Course option

Year of entry


Coventry University London (City of London)

Study mode



3 years full-time
4 years sandwich
Up to 5 years part-time (UK only)

UCAS codes


Start date

September 2024
January 2025 - condensed

Course overview

Develop the ‘career-ready’ and practical skills which are in demand from employers around the world.

  • Examine successful marketing strategies and good management practice using an evidence-based approach.
  • Learn the fundamentals of how organisations work and what marketing can do to capture the value that makes an organisation viable.
  • Understand how the global business environment works and how to manage business data, information and people.

The January start for this course is condensed in Year 1. Please see the ‘How you’ll learn’ section below for more details.

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Global ready

An international outlook, with global opportunities

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Teaching excellence

Taught by lecturers who are experts in their field

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Career ready graduates, with the skills to succeed

Why you should study this course

  • Real-world experience
    The hands-on nature of this course alongside the opportunity to undertake a work placement or internship2, aims to provide you with work-ready skills which should help you transition more quickly and easily into your professional career.
  • London location
    Living, studying and even working in London can give you extraordinary exposure to marketing in many shapes and forms.
  • Industry exposure
    Guest marketers from industry discuss their work and offer career advice (subject to availability).
  • Multicultural learning experience
    You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a truly multicultural experience, since you may be studying alongside students drawn from many countries around the world.
  • Prepare for your future
    You should complete your course with a clear idea of the career options open to you in marketing, whether in-house with a business, within an agency environment, or as an entrepreneur. If you’re interested in starting your own business, you could get business start-up advice and support from our Enterprise Hub.

If you choose to start this course in January you will study exactly the same course but over a slightly shorter timescale in Year 1. This is ideal if you missed the September start, want to transfer from a different university or course or just need a bit more time to prepare for life at university.

Immerse yourself in Coventry University London’s global community and emerge as a talented, career-ready graduate with an international outlook.

What you'll study

Here at our central London campus, you’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s most famous businesses and creative agencies – and we aim to offer plenty of opportunities for mixing with them. This is the ideal place to start preparing for a successful career in global marketing.

The course title tells you the key things you need to know. Firstly, every aspect of your study shall be set in an international and multi-cultural context. Secondly, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to apply a set of very practical skills which are highly valued by employers. Thirdly, you should become well-versed in the theory and practice of contemporary marketing, and how marketing informs, and is informed by, other business functions.

We aim to cover essential aspects of modern marketing, including the value of information, performance measurement, and customer and competitor insights. You’ll explore the ways in which creativity and innovation help to shape marketing – whether in developing new products and services or new ways to communicate with highly targeted and even niche audiences.

The first year lays the foundations for understanding business practice. You will cover how organisations and the global business environment work and what marketing can do to make an organisation viable.  You also examine how to manage business data, information and people, and become familiar with the theory and practice of marketing. The course also examines how internationalisation can mean more competitors and new opportunities – these are crucial issues which affect us all as the world becomes an increasingly global economy. You’ll also begin to explore the significance of the digital world, and the way this is redefining marketing practice. 


  • The module aims to develop and give you an introduction to the skills you will need for success on your degree course and in your subsequent professional career. Skills introduced will include some of the essential underlying personal and information-handling skills, numerical techniques and basic mathematical and statistical foundations required by accounting, finance and marketing students. The module aims to develop a critical awareness of your own developmental needs and develop and enhance skills relating to searching and sorting.


  • This module looks at managing people within the context of the changing nature of a manager’s role within a marketing organisational setting. It explores various cultural perspectives on the behaviour of both individuals and teams within different marketing-related business contexts. This approach aims to equip you with the management skills to operate within culturally diverse teams. This module will give you the chance to take a problem-based approach to the exploration of people issues within organisations through the use of case studies and simulations. This gives you the opportunity to examine different theories and concepts to provide practical solutions.


  • This module aims to introduce you to theoretical concepts that underpin the marketing function. You will realise the importance of marketing as a cross-functional activity in organisational context. The module will also help you to gain understanding of the role of marketing within society. An integral part of this module will be demonstrating an understanding of how macro and micro environmental factors affect organisations’ abilities to fulfil customers’ needs, wants and demands in a sustainable and profitable manner.


  • Marketers are increasingly relying on complex sets of data that they have to decipher in order to take strategic and tactical decisions. It is only through the quality of these decisions that enable businesses to stay competitive in this global marketplace. The aim of this module is to enable you to understand how business data can be utilised and interpreted in making effective business decisions. The module will allow you to explore many different forms of data, statistical as well as financial. You will have the chance to develop skills in generating and understanding information that will help you to be a better marketing professional in future.


  • In today's global marketplace business organisations need to adjust to a fast-paced, complex and often volatile external environment. This module aims to equip you with relevant tools and techniques and utilise real-life case studies, so you can take business-related decisions. It aims to provide a blend of theoretical and practical approaches, while familiarising you with the latest challenges faced by marketers.


  • This module aims to develop your understanding and insight into the world of digital engagement both internally and externally to businesses and approaches used by companies. An understanding of the digital marketing place, the resources and capabilities required by organisations to participate in this space, and strategies of how to do this, has become critical for organisations today.


In your second year, you’ll have the chance to specialise in marketing, within a practical and globalised context – particularly the crucial relationship with the consumer and what this means for brands. You’ll explore how to communicate with audiences in a way which is welcomed, engaging and legal, both online and offline. You’ll see how businesses use the internet and logistics to make possible what would have been unthinkable only a decade ago.


  • This module aims to provide you with an insight into how consumers make buying decisions and the various factors, both psychological and social factors that influence the decision-making process. It provides you with a sound basis for further study in marketing, advertising and communication psychology in particular.


  • This module examines the knowledge, skills, behaviours and techniques of effective leadership and explores the role of leadership in relation to business themes such as globalisation, strategy, innovation and organisational development. You should gain a critical understanding of the impact of such issues in practice drawn from case studies from a range of sectors and organisations to explore and contrast ‘best practice’.


  • The aims of this module are to introduce you to the concept of primary marketing research and to develop your research skills for your final year project. You will investigate a range of different research methods and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research. You will also apply analysis techniques to quantitative and qualitative data.


  • This module introduces and evaluates a varied assortment of promotional tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, sponsorship, direct marketing and more. The module considers communications theory, the complexity of accomplishing marketing goals in a fast-paced digital age.


  • This module will explore marketing operations and logistics not only in terms of organisations that have a physical global presence (such as Nestlé) but smaller companies who – through technology – can also have an international reach. To accomplish this, you will examine different types of case studies throughout the module.


  • This module explores how brands develop, communicate and create value. It develops an understanding of different strategic brand management models and methodologies to create and assess the success of different branding campaigns. The module also explores and appraises how brands transform customer experience via developing brand equity from the perspective of consumers.


After your second year, you have the opportunity to take a sandwich year, studying abroad or on professional placement2. Our employability experts in the Talent Team can provide you with a wide range of support services in order to help you apply for a placement opportunity2, including mock interviews and CV-writing workshops.

If you choose to study this course with a professional placement or study abroad year, you will need to pay a tuition fee3 of £1,250 to cover your academic support.


  • This module2 provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon and gain experience for an approved placement undertaken during your programme. A placement should usually be at least 26 weeks or equivalent; however, each placement will be considered on its own merits, having regard to the ability to achieve the learning outcomes.


  • This module2 provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon and gain experience for an approved international study/work placement undertaken during your programme. A work/study placement should usually be at least 26 weeks or equivalent; however, each placement will be considered on its own merits, having regard to the ability to achieve the learning outcomes.


Your final year will begin with either a review of your placement year or, if you didn’t have a placement, a live project for a real client. You’ll move on to look at some of the more strategic and detailed aspects of marketing, honing your ability to make a difference through evidence-based, engaging and innovative marketing planning and delivery. You should complete the year with your choice of dissertation, software-based simulation or internship2.


  • This module supports you in enhancing and consolidating your knowledge and understanding of key marketing fundamentals. There are clear links between this module and the others that you study at Level 6. 


  • This module provides you with a solid foundation in social media and digital marketing, enabling you to make informed decisions about the right platforms, tools and techniques to use in organisations. The core skills and knowledge that you can learn will assist you in navigating your way through the ever-changing world of digital marketing. It will also provide a focus on factors that will make a positive impact on organisational results.


  • The module challenges your cognitive thinking and will unleash your creativity through engaging you in the debates of how innovation and creativity continue to transform business models in the 21st century. The module orientates you with the practical approaches to enhance creative thinking and develop new product ideas whilst working in a team.


  • This module builds on the placement year2 and provides a review and insights of work undertaken during the placement year. The placement year is as a valuable component within this undergraduate degree for several reasons:

    • It provides the opportunity to relate the theories, models, concepts and ideas studied and debated within the previous two years to a real-world organisation and its operations.
    • It provides a platform to challenge those various theories, models, concepts and ideas studied in previous years. This is particularly valuable in the final year of study in both the taught and capstone modules.
    • It provides invaluable work experience inside an organisation that is engaged in marketing operations. This provides the opportunity to enhance CVs post completion of the course of study.
    • It provides the opportunity to explore potential career options through networking.


  • This project provides you with an excellent opportunity to engage with marketing professionals from UK-based organisations. Working in teams you will have the opportunity to work on a challenging ‘live’ marketing case examining and analysing particular marketing issues and the micro/macro factors that affect these issues. By analysing such a case you will apply strategic thinking, problem-solving, and your underpinning knowledge of marketing and business.


  • The aim of this module is to provide you with the opportunity to undertake a significant piece of written work in a topic appropriate to the field of study. The aim is to provide you with an opportunity to undertake a substantive piece of research, integrating research skills development and extending your knowledge and experience to a specialist area. The dissertation topic may arise from literature relating to your course of study or a practical problem in global marketing. Alternatively, it may relate to current/past work experience. You may be able to use the research topic that was developed in the Research Skills module.

    You will need to think carefully about the exact focus of the dissertation topic. The chosen topic needs to be initiated by you and needs to be of interest, as you will need to spend around 400 hours of work on it. The topic can be further developed through discussion with your dissertation supervisor. The topic selected will need to be appropriate to the course of study, logistically feasible, adequately resourced and will adequately address ethics, safety and any required permissions. Therefore, you and your supervisor will need to invest some time in thinking about the chosen area and topic for research. Throughout the entire process, you will be supported by a supervisor who will guide you through the process. Supervisors will normally meet with you once every two weeks to review the progress of the work and to advise on changes and improvements. The meetings will normally take place face-to-face and are intended to give you support and provide formative feedback. You will be able to develop a meaningful study demonstrating and applying skills obtained during the course of your university studies.


  • The aim of this Internship2 module is to give you the opportunity to undertake a significant piece of written work on a topic appropriate to the field of marketing. The aim is to provide you with an opportunity to undertake a substantive piece of research, integrating research skills development and extending your knowledge and experience to a specialist area of interest on a topic relevant to the internship employer context and approved by your supervisor. The project will comprise a piece of original research supported by a theoretical exploration of the debates, themes and issues raised by the research in question and may draw upon the analysis of particular experiences, field-specific problematics, events, practices and institutions in professional contexts through focused research, to place their career aims in a professional context/ marketplace(s).

    You will be required to reflect critically on the experience of working with an employer to inform their ongoing personal and professional development akin to that of a new manager entering the workplace. You will draw on feedback sought from key stakeholders from this module. This will normally include the employer, colleagues at the employer organisation, and supervisor. The critical reflection will enable you to produce a tailored Personal Development Plan for your future career. Throughout the entire internship project, you will be supported by a supervisor who will guide you through the module and the assessment process. Supervisors will normally meet you once every two weeks to review the progress of your work and to advise on changes and improvements. The meetings will normally take place face-to-face and are intended to give you support and provide formative feedback. You will be able to develop a meaningful study demonstrating and applying skills obtained during the course of your studies at Coventry University London.


  • This is an action-based learning module in which you have opportunities to act as a business manager in a simulated business environment; making business decisions and seeing the results (in real time) in a highly competitive environment over several rounds of play representing business years. The Marketing Simulation module creates a platform that affords you the real business experience on your learning journey by introducing you to an environment where you actively engage in deep learning through anticipating outcomes and observing the effects of the decisions and business choices you make. The module helps you learn to reflect and refine your knowledge by actively engaging in a group business review facilitated by your supervisor. This review process helps to reinforce learning derived from application of theoretical framework/models /concepts taught in earlier terms. Simulation generates high energy among students through business interactions and processes, thus providing new perspectives of the business environment.


We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated.

What I enjoyed most about my internship placement with Pulse Social is that they really encouraged me to get creative and learn how to express myself. I’ve also met a lot of people who have the same passions as me and I’m really thankful for that.

Carla López Bazaga, Global Marketing BSc (Hons) student, quoted in 2021
Two students walking through campus

Put your skills into practice

Our strong global business connections provide students with access to real-life work experience, so you can put your skills into practice and make connections in the world of work.

How you'll learn

Although you’ll spend time in lectures and seminars, this course takes a workplace-oriented, contemporary and practical approach to learning. You could be involved in workshops, debates, case studies, consultancy projects, simulations, business plans, reports, and online collaborations2. There is an emphasis on group work, helping you to build your teamwork skills.

  • You may also be able to enjoy our excellent programme of guest lectures, thanks to our wide network of prestigious alumni, leading academics and industry leaders (subject to availability). Beyond the classroom, there are opportunities for internship and work experience with a large network of employers2. You could also learn more about global business by participating in local and international company visits2.
  • It is strongly recommended that you develop your skills in self-directed learning, which means exploring for yourself rather than being taught in the classroom. This could mean anything from background reading to attending events and/or doing relevant part-time or voluntary work.
  • You could choose to enhance your personal and professional skills by engaging in extra-curricular activities such as our Student Enterprise Business Society.

If you choose to start this course in January it will be run as a condensed programme. You’ll start your course in January and finish your first year in August. Upon successful completion of Year 1, you will progress onto Year 2 in September and then continue to start subsequent years of your course in September, completing your degree at the same time as the September starters unless you opt to do a placement year.

Teaching contact hours

You will typically receive around 9 hours of contact teaching per week for the three modules taken each semester. The contact hours may be made up of a combination of face-to-face teaching, individual and group sessions, and online classes. You will also be expected to spend a significant amount of time conducting independent study - at least 12 hours per week for each of the modules.

This course can be offered on a part-time basis. Whilst we would like to give you all the information about our part-time offering here, it is tailored for each course each year depending on the number of part-time applicants. Therefore, the part-time teaching arrangements vary. Please contact for more information about studying this course part-time.

As an innovative and enterprising institution, the University may seek to utilise emerging technologies within the student experience. For all courses (whether on-campus, blended, or distance learning), the University may deliver certain contact hours and assessments via online technologies and methods.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prepared for courses due to start in or after the 2023/2024 academic year to be delivered in a variety of forms. The form of delivery will be determined in accordance with Government and Public Health guidance. Whether on campus or online, our key priority is staff and student safety.


This course will be assessed using a variety of methods which vary depending upon the module. Assessment methods may include written reports, formal examinations, coursework, individual assignments, presentations, pitches, workplace simulations, group projects and portfolios.

The Coventry University Group assessment strategy ensures that our courses are fairly assessed and allows us to monitor student progression towards the achieving the intended learning outcomes.

International experience opportunities

Key aspects of your learning aims to be internationalised. You will explore marketing case studies from around the world, and your tutors will share experiences of their work or research in other countries. There may be overseas field trips with visits to businesses, institutions, exhibitions or other events2. You could choose to do a placement year between your second and final year, and/or an 11-week internship2 in your final year, and you are free to arrange your own opportunities in other countries if you prefer not to pursue them in the UK. Throughout the course, you may study as part of a diverse cohort alongside other students from all over the world. You will benefit from their perspectives and insights and learn to adapt your approach in order to maximise the benefits of multicultural working.

Coventry University Group aims to give you the global opportunities needed to become a truly global graduate, enhancing your employability on a global scale. Choose from language classes, studying or working abroad, international field trips, summer schools, leadership development or work experience. Opportunities such as these in the past have enabled some of our previous students to obtain higher starting salaries and develop the global skills employers require and achieve better career progression.

Entry requirements

Typical offer for 2024/25 entry.

Requirement What we're looking for
UCAS points 120
A level BBB 
GCSE Minimum 5 GCSEs at 4 / C or above including English and Mathematics 
IB Diploma 27 points
Access to HE The Access to HE Diploma to include 30 Level 3 credits at Merit. Plus GCSE English and Mathematics at grade 4 / C or above.

We recognise a breadth of qualifications, speak to one of our advisers today to find out how we can help you.

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Contextual offers and Fair Access Scheme

If you meet the criteria for our Fair Access Scheme, you could automatically receive a contextual offer that may be up to 24 UCAS points lower than our standard entry requirements. View the criteria for our Fair Access Scheme.

Select your region to find detailed information about entry requirements:

You can view our full list of country specific entry requirements on our Entry requirements page.

If you do not have the typical entry requirements, you may want to consider studying this course with an international foundation year. Upon successful completion our International Foundation Year - Business will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to progress onto this undergraduate degree.

Alternatively, visit our International hub for further advice and guidance on finding in-country agents and representatives, joining our in-country events and how to apply.

English language requirements

  • IELTS: 6.0 overall, with no component lower than 5.5

If you don't meet the English language requirements, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a pre-sessional English programme before you start your course.

For more information on our approved English language tests visit our English language requirements page.

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Not got the required grades? We offer this degree with an integrated foundation year.

Fees and funding

2024/25 tuition fees.

Student Full-time Part-time
UK, Ireland*, Channel Islands or Isle of Man £9,250 per year Request fee information

EU £9,250 per year with EU support bursary**
£16,800 per year without EU support bursary**
Not available
International £16,800 per year Not available

If you choose to do a work placement2, you should consider travel and living costs to cover this. There is also a tuition fee3 of £1,250 that will cover your academic support throughout your placement year.

For advice and guidance on tuition fees3 and student loans visit our Fees and Finance page.

We offer a range of international scholarships to students all over the world. For more information, visit our international scholarships page.

The following are additional costs not included in the tuition fees:

  • Additional overseas field trips or visits: £400+ per trip.
  • Any costs associated with securing, attending or completing a placement (whether in the UK or abroad).

Condensed course – January start date

If you choose to start this course in January please make sure you check the Fees and Finance page for more information. Although starting this course in January does not prohibit you from being eligible for student finance, the way it is paid in your first year differs from those who start their course in September.

If you start the course in January, your tuition fees will be paid in accordance with the university’s Tuition Fees, Refund and Withdrawal Terms and Conditions for January starters and for any further years of study, your fees will be paid in accordance with the terms for September starters.

*Irish student fees

The rights of Irish residents to study in the UK are preserved under the Common Travel Area arrangement. If you are an Irish student and meet the residency criteria, you can study in England, pay the same level of tuition fees as English students and utilise the Tuition Fee Loan.

**EU Support Bursary

Following the UK's exit from the European Union, we are offering financial support to all eligible EU students who wish to study an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree with us full-time. This bursary will be used to offset the cost of your tuition fees to bring them in line with that of UK students. Students studying a degree with a foundation year with us are not eligible for the bursary.


We have a range of facilities4 available to support our Global Marketing students in putting the theories you are taught into practice. Take a virtual tour of our campus to explore all of the facilities available to you.

woman looking at a screen

Mac suite

We have a fully equipped Mac suite for digital and creative work. Here you’ll learn how to use the latest industry-standard software such as Oribi, Mix Panel and Google Analytics, which will enable you to learn how to plan, design and analyse marketing campaigns.

young ladies having a chat

Enterprise Hub

Our Enterprise Hub supports student entrepreneurs by providing extensive industry knowledge and guidance to help develop ideas into viable ventures. It is a dedicated space for enterprising students and professionals to solve problems, network professionally and collaborate on projects.

recruitment session two ladies and one man

The Talent Team

Need employability support? Our dedicated Talent Team are on hand to help. They can assist you in applying for work placements, graduate-level jobs and offer skills development workshops. They also aim to organise networking events to introduce you to potential employers and industry contacts.

Careers and opportunities

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply marketing-related models, concepts and approaches, and articulate the strategic dimensions of marketing.
  • Understand the legal, ethical and multi-cultural dimensions of global marketing.
  • Appreciate the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital arena.
  • Demonstrate a high level of numerical and digital literacy.
  • Critically evaluate evidence collected from a variety of sources.
  • Apply rational and analytical approaches to problem-solving, especially digital solutions.
  • Present information and pitches effectively to a variety of audiences.
  • Manage different stakeholder expectations within diverse organisations.
  • Apply ethical principles while demonstrating social, cultural and global awareness.
  • Work well independently, taking responsibility for your own actions, whilst engaging constructively in teamwork.

Upon successful completion of the course, your CV should appeal to employers, thanks to our focus on practical skills and commercial acumen. You’ll understand the role of marketing in diverse organisations, be equipped to contribute to the work of global brands and have a strong grasp of the importance of ethical behaviour in globalised marketing practice.

The optional placement and internship2 could play an important role in developing your confidence, resilience and networking skills. The entrepreneurial skills we offer can also prepare you for self-employment if that’s what you choose to do.

Where our graduates work

When you graduate, you might have the option to choose to join the in-house marketing department of a global brand (in any sector or industry), a public-sector organisation or a charity. More and more organisations now appreciate the critical importance of effective dialogue with their audiences, which means that marketing roles are increasingly opening up in sectors like government and professional services.

Alternatively, you might decide to apply for a marketing agency in branding, advertising, public relations, graphic design, digital, media-buying, trend forecasting, market research and more. Or you might want to start your own agency or work as a freelance consultant.

Further study

Upon successful completion of our Global Marketing BSc course, you may wish to continue to further your studies at postgraduate level. You can do that right here at Coventry University London, with our International Marketing MBA. You could continue to build on what you have learnt, further exploring the current theories around strategy, leadership and finance, as well as specialist knowledge in marketing management and techniques. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to gain exposure to the world of marketing in practice, applying your learning in order to sharpen your practical skills and be career-ready by the time you graduate.

We also offer alternative postgraduate degrees if you decide to take a slightly different route. You can explore all of your options using our postgraduate course search tool. You may be entitled to an alumni discount on your fees if you decide to extend your time with us by progressing from undergraduate to postgraduate study.

What our students say

Our students are at the heart of everything we do here at Coventry University London. Hear about Hitanshu, Shaikh, Amrin, Hani and Philippine’s experiences of studying with us in the City of London.

How to apply

  • Full-time students applying to start in September should apply for this course through UCAS. Part-time students should apply directly to the university. Read our application pages to find out your next steps to apply.

    How to apply

    For further support or more information about your course get in touch with us today.

  • International codes:

    Full-time students applying to start in September 2023 should apply directly to the university. 

    How to apply

    For further support for international applicants applying for an undergraduate degree view our International hub.

  • Coventry University together with Coventry University London, Coventry University Wrocław, CU Coventry, CU London, CU Scarborough, and Coventry University Online come together to form part of the Coventry University Group (the University) with all degrees awarded by Coventry University.


    The majority of our courses have been formally recognised by professional bodies, which means the courses have been reviewed and tested to ensure they reach a set standard. In some instances, studying on an accredited course can give you additional benefits such as exemptions from professional exams (subject to availability, fees may apply). Accreditations, partnerships, exemptions and memberships shall be renewed in accordance with the relevant bodies’ standard review process and subject to the university maintaining the same high standards of course delivery.

    2UK and international opportunities

    Please note that we are unable to guarantee any UK or international opportunities (whether required or optional) such as internships, work experience, field trips, conferences, placements or study abroad opportunities and that all such opportunities may be unpaid and/or subject to additional costs (which could include, but is not limited to, equipment, materials, bench fees, studio or facilities hire, travel, accommodation and visas), competitive application, availability and/or meeting any applicable travel, public authority guidance, decisions or orders and visa requirements. To ensure that you fully understand any visa requirements, please contact the International Office.

    3Tuition fees

    The University will charge the tuition fees that are stated in the above table for the first Academic Year of study. The University will review tuition fees each year. For UK (home) students, if Parliament permit an increase in tuition fees, the University may increase fees for each subsequent year of study in line with any such changes. Note that any increase is expected to be in line with inflation.

    For international students, we may increase fees each year, but such increases will be no more than 5% above inflation. If you defer your course start date or have to extend your studies beyond the normal duration of the course (e.g. to repeat a year or resit examinations) the University reserves the right to charge you fees at a higher rate and/or in accordance with any legislative changes during the additional period of study.


    Facilities are subject to availability. Access to some facilities (including some teaching and learning spaces) may vary from those advertised and/or may have reduced availability or restrictions where the university is following public authority guidance, decisions or orders.

    Student Contract

    By accepting your offer of a place and enrolling with us, a Student Contract will be formed between you and the university. A copy of the current 2024/2025 contract is available on the website. The Contract details your rights and the obligations you will be bound by during your time as a student and contains the obligations that the university will owe to you. You should read the Contract before you accept an offer of a place and before you enrol at the university.

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