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Dr. Alessandro Merendino

Research Assistant

My Research Vision

My research interests lie in the area of corporate governance, the board of directors, the mega yacht sector, CSR and corporate finance. In particular, I am interested to study how corporate governance, and the board of directors, its mechanisms and processes could affect firm performance and interactions among stakeholders. Corporate governance, including the board of directors, has become one of the central issues in the running of companies, due to worldwide and rapid change in environmental conditions. I plan to expand research on corporate social responsibility in Europe. Furthermore, another of my research topics is the mega yacht sector and its ‘anti-cyclical nature’. Future research may deal with relations among luxury sectors (e.g. the jewellery one) and how board mechanisms perform on such niche markets.


Dr Alessandro Merendino joined the Centre for Business in Society as Research Assistant in January 2015.

He completed his PhD in Business Economics and Management at the University of Ferrara (Italy) and his Master’s Degree (cum laude and honours) in Business and Management at the Faculty of Economics (University of Ferrara, Italy). Dr Merendino’s PhD thesis had a special focus on accounting and corporate governance and the purpose was to measure and quantify the relationship between the board of directors and performance of listed companies. He is also Chartered Accountant and Internal Auditor.

He was teaching assistant for courses in ‘Operational Accounting’ and ‘Financial Accounting’ at the University of Ferrara (Italy) and he is Professor at USAC (United States Abroad Consortium), i.e. a consortium of US universities for courses in ‘Global Economics’, ‘Comparative Economic Systems’ and ‘Economic and Political Institutions of EU’.

He was a trainee accountant and trainee accountant auditor, during which time he analysed financial statements, accounting and financial ratios, and corporate governance compliance.

He has collaborated in an Italian consulting firm where he experience different kinds of roles (e.g. consulting, financial statement analysis, etc.). He is also visiting research fellow at Cass Business School, City University London (UK).

Selected Outputs

  • Merendino, A. (2015) ‘Multiple agency theory and the paradox of the spotlights: an alternative approach to corporate governance and the board research’ [under review]
  • Merendino, A., and Deidda Gagliardo, E. (2015) ‘The mega yacht sector and the world leader shipbuilders. A comparative analysis of strategies and their financial and economic performance throughout the crisis’ [under review]
  • Merendino, A., and Melville, R. (2015) ‘Corporate governance and firm performance. Empirical evidence of Italian companies’ [under review]
  • Merendino, A. (2014) ‘Mega Yacht, Italian Leadership and Financial Crisis. Empirical evidence on how Italian Leading Companies in Mega Yacht Sector Overcome the Crisis’ European Scientific Journal 10 (28), 9-35
  • Merendino, A. (2014) ‘Corporate governance: Literature and codes of best practice. An international comparison’. In The connection among territorial cohesion, local development and firm performance. Ed. by Badia, F., and Cestari, G. Milan: FrancoAngeli, 144-170
  • Merendino, A. (2013) ‘Corporate Governance: a Critical Comparison among International Theories, Codes of Best Practices, and Empirical Research’ Management 6 (3), 304-315
  • Merendino, A. (2013) ‘Luxury Yacht Market and the Anti-cyclical Industry: An empirical comparison among the worldwide leaders in Italian shipyards’ The Macrotheme Review 2 (4), 27-48
  • Merendino, A. (2013) ‘International Theories of Corporate Governance: Critical Analysis and Evidence of the Italian Model’ Journal of Economics, Business and Management 1 (1), 140 – 145.

Selected Projects

  • The Economic Impact of Post GT at Coventry University: To understand the direct economic impact of PGT students through their spending in the local economy and the spending of their friends and family who visit and to examine indirect benefits to the local economy arising from the University’s PGT provision.
  • Motorsport Firm Database: Cleaning and analysis of a historical database of UK motorsport firms.
  • Marketing and value creation for Territory: To support policy maker and stakeholders of Emilia-Romagna territory (Italy) by studying the value creation in terms of marketing and tourism.
  • The measurement of territory value created by artistic and cultural events
  • Reorganization and improvement of companies facing crisis: a forecasting model in Ferrara corporate crisis prediction: The aim is to develop a model to forecast corporate crisis for businesses in Ferrara Province (Italy).
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Research Assistant

Building: Jaguar Building
Room: JAG22