Global Events Management BSc (Hons)


Course Code

UCAS Code: N822
International Code: LONU050


Coventry University London (City of London)


Study mode



3 years full-time
4 years sandwich
5 years part-time (UK only)

Start date

September 2022
January 2023

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Course overview

Study level: Undergraduate

This course gives you the chance to study how events are professionally managed. It explores the similar management skills required for a range of events across business sectors and international markets.

It aims to:

  • use an immersive approach so you can develop a framework for events management practice
  • support your development by nurturing the flexible skills, leadership ability and innovative thinking you need to work on major and unique events
  • explore typical management challenges and core event features
  • develop your potential so you become a highly employable career-ready graduate.
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Global ready

An international outlook, with global opportunities

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Teaching excellence

Taught by lecturers who are experts in their field

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Career ready graduates, with the skills to succeed

Why you should study this course

‘Business Events’ focussed, with an applied approach

The course is designed to focus on the importance of events management across the world of business by drawing on examples of practice across hospitality, tourism, fashion and marketing.

London location

Voted number one EMEA city for business events activities2020 by CWT, our campus is situated near to some of the world’s most famous multinational corporations and businesses and a wide range of exhibition and events.

Global Perspective

The course explores how to increase participation and improve branding of events, and brand engagement within events, using international examples of practice; this aims to enhance students understanding of the global events environment.

Opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience

You will have the opportunity to design and/or deliver an event at the end of every year, which is designed to allow you to put your knowledge and understanding into practice. You may also have the chance to work with other students and staff from our Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) partners. Please note that such opportunities are subject to competitive application, availability, meeting any applicable visa requirements and additional fees may apply.

What you'll study

In year one, you will study a mixture of business and events-related subjects, which aims to provide you with the requisite knowledge and understanding of the events industry. You will explore how to use appropriate tools and techniques to approach events theming and design. All modules listed below are mandatory.


  • An introduction to the global events industry and the concepts of the events management system.


  • Let your creativity flow. Explore and have the opportunity to practise the tools, frameworks and methods needed to plan, design and theming events, as well as exploring how to pitch them to clients.


  • Explore marketing in digital age and how the techniques and skills have been applied in the contemporary industries, especially the global events industry.


  • Aims to develop tools and skills needed to be a successful undergraduate learner, and explore how to better understand the richness of the business contexts where events, fashion, hospitality and tourism operate.


  • Money makes the world go round, so explore its role in business and how this relates to the wider world.


  • Consider the impact of diverse global cultures on the giving/receiving of hospitality and on how best to conduct business.


In year two, students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of core events management subjects. You can deepen your understanding of event management principles learned in the first year through the examination of industry practice.


  • Explore this important, and constantly evolving, sector in the global events industry, as well as its key components.


  • A chance to appreciate the breadth and complexity of the global MICE sector and identify the appropriate management strategies for these business events.


  • Every event is a project. Evaluate and explore project management techniques to initiate, plan, manage, execute, evaluate and reflect on a live event.


  • Designed to provide you with the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the concepts and nature of sustainable development within the contemporary events industry at different levels.


  • Explore how to accurately cost events and forecast revenues, take a practical approach to maximise sales, match the right event with the right time and space, with the opportunity to apply key revenue metrics.


  • Discover how these sectors are subject to a huge range of legislation – including licensing, employment, planning, contracts, food safety and consumer laws.


Choose one from the modules listed


  • Compulsory

  • Compulsory

In the third year, you will be encouraged to draw on the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the first two years to help produce your own event. You will explore the importance of the events industry as a global market and have the choice of conducting a research project or gaining professional experience through internships. Please note that professional/work experience, and internships are subject to availability, competitive application, meeting any applicable visa requirements and additional fees may apply. Modules listed below are mandatory except where there is the option to choose either Sponsorship and Brand Management for Hospitality and Events, or Innovation and Global Entrepreneurship.


  • It is time to produce a global event! Explore everything that is needed to produce a real event, be it physical or virtual/ digital.


  • Consider research methodologies in both an academic and professional manner, exploring how to conduct rigorous and meaningful research projects in events, fashion, and hospitality and tourism industries.


  • Choose one of the following:

    • Sponsorship and Brand Management for Hospitality and Events

    Explore the intertwined relationship between hospitality and events businesses through sponsorship, and how to utilise sponsorship to develop business brands for businesses in both sectors.

    • Innovation and Global Entrepreneurship

    Aims to develop your understanding of the importance of ‘the new’: anything from technologies and materials, to market opportunities.


  • Explore the importance of balancing a destination’s promotion with the need to protect it from over-development, labour abuse and environmental threats.


  • For your final major project, choose an academic dissertation, a software-based simulation or a work-experience placement. Please note that work experience placements and internships are subject to availability, competitive application, meeting any applicable visa requirements and additional costs may apply.


How you'll learn

This course can be offered on a full-time basis over three years, a sandwich route over four years, or on a part-time basis over five years.

You will receive up to nine hours of formal teaching in a typical week of study. These study hours may be made up of a combination of face-to-face teaching, individual and group sessions, and online classes. You will also be expected to spend a significant amount of time conducting independent study.

You can also expect to have field visits, witness events in action and see event management activity ‘behind the stage’.

This course can be offered on a part-time basis. While we would like to give you all the information about our part-time offering, it is tailored for each course each year depending on the number of part-time applicants. Therefore, the part-time teaching arrangements vary. Please contact for more information about studying this course part-time.

The university may deliver certain contact hours and assessments via emerging online technologies and methods across all courses. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prepared for courses due to start in or after the 2020/2021 academic year to be delivered in a variety of forms. The form of delivery will be determined in accordance with government and public health guidance. Whether on campus or online, our key priority is staff and student safety.

Due to the ongoing restrictions relating to COVID-19, some facilities (including some teaching and learning spaces) and some non-academic offerings (particularly in relation to international experiences), may vary from those advertised and may have reduced availability or restrictions on their use.


This course will be assessed using a variety of methods which could vary depending upon the module. Assessment methods may include coursework, tests, essays, practical or project work, group work, presentations and formal examinations etc.

Job Ready

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

develop knowledge and skills of events management theory and practice in a global context

  • apply an enquiring, analytical and creative approach to understanding and producing events,
  • analyse how global cultures construct, influence and impact upon events management
  • use appropriate digital, financial, and economical solutions and techniques to analyse and present information
  • evaluate the interconnectivity of events operations within a contemporary setting
  • apply your practical understanding and experiences of the events industry to increase you advancing in your future career
  • understand research and ethical considerations to explore and evaluate a specific topic relevant to the event industries
  • reflect on your learning and interpersonal skills, along with practical experiences accumulated throughout the course to identify areas for future development
  • construct an appropriate level of emotional resilience, and a sense of commercial acumen and realism, for working in the events industry.

International experience opportunities

Key aspects of the course aim to offer a chance to build an international perspective. You will explore events management case studies from around the world, and your lecturers may share experiences of their work or research in other countries. There may be optional overseas field trips, with visits to different types of events, businesses, and institutions.

Throughout the course, any learning is designed to be in a global context, and you’ll study alongside – and should learn from – students from all over the world. There may also be opportunities to engage in collaborative work with overseas university students/professionals. (Subject to availability.)

Entry requirements

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Fees and funding

2022/23 Tuition fees

Student Full time Part time
UK £9,250 per year Not available
International £15,300 per year Not available

If you choose to study this course with a professional placement or study abroad year, you will need to pay a tuition fee of £1,250 to cover your academic support.

For advice and guidance on tuition fees and student loans visit our Fees and Finance page.

We offer a range of International scholarships to students all over the world. For more information, visit our International Scholarships page.


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Hospitality suite

Our Hospitality Suite allows you to use a hotel setting to learn about management accounting, revenue management, services marketing and entrepreneurship. You can also learn how to market products and services, based on market demand.


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Talent Team

The Talent Team is our dedicated employability support team. They can assist you in applying for work placements and graduate level jobs and offer skills development workshops. They also organise networking events to enable you to meet potential employers and industry contacts.

Careers and opportunities

Upon successful completion, your career options can include:

  • junior events managers
  • conference and exhibition managers and organisers
  • event planners
  • conference producers
  • marketing associates
  • venue managers
  • fashion show event producers
  • events project managers.

How to apply

  • Full-time students applying to start in September should apply for this course through UCAS. Part-time students should apply directly to the university. Read our application pages to find out your next steps to apply.

    How to apply

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  • Full-time and part-time students applying to start in September should apply directly to the university. Read our application pages to find out your next steps to apply.

    How to apply

    For further support for international applicants applying for an undergraduate degree view our International hub.

  • Student Contract

    By accepting your offer of a place and enrolling with us, a Student Contract will be formed between you and the university. A copy of the 2021/22 Contract can be found here. The Contract details your rights and the obligations you will be bound by during your time as a student and contains the obligations that the university will owe to you. You should read the Contract before you accept an offer of a place and before you enrol at the university.

    Tuition fees

    The tuition fee for the course that is stated on the course webpage and in the prospectus for the first year of study will apply. We will review our tuition fees each year. For UK and EU students, if Parliament permit an increase in tuition fees, we may increase fees for each subsequent year of study in line with any such changes. Note that any increase is expected to be in line with inflation. Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, EU students should be aware that there may be a change to UK laws following the UK’s exit, this may change their student status, their eligibility to study part time, and/or their eligibility for student finance. We will act in accordance with the UK’s laws in force in relation to student tuition fees and finance from time to time.

    For International students the tuition fee that is stated on the course webpage and in the prospectus for the first year of study will apply. We will review our tuition fees each year. For international students, we may increase fees for each subsequent year of study but such increases will be no more than 5% above inflation.


    The majority of our courses have been formally recognised by professional bodies, which means the courses have been reviewed and tested to ensure they reach a set standard. In some instances, studying on an accredited course can give you additional benefits such as exemptions from professional exams (subject to availability, fees may apply). Accreditations, partnerships, exemptions and memberships shall be renewed in accordance with the relevant bodies’ standard review process and subject to the university maintaining the same high standards of course delivery. 


    Facilities mentioned on this page may not be relevant for every course. Due to the ongoing restrictions relating to COVID-19, some facilities (including some teaching and learning spaces) and some non-academic offerings (particularly in relation to international experiences), may vary from those advertised and may have reduced availability or restrictions on their use.

    Placements and study abroad opportunities

    Please note that we are unable to guarantee any placement or study abroad opportunities and that all such opportunities may be subject to additional costs (e.g. travel, visas and accommodation etc.), competitive application, availability and/or meeting any applicable visa requirements. To ensure that you fully understand the requirements in this regard, please contact the International Office for further details if you are an EU or International student.

    Additional costs

    This course may incur additional costs associated with any field trips, placements or work experience, study abroad opportunities or any other opportunity (whether required or optional), which could include (but is not limited to), equipment, materials, bench fees, studio or facilities hire, travel, accommodation and visas).