How to fit in as a new student

How to fit in as a new student

Will I fit in? It’s one of the most common concerns for adults entering higher education.

Universities are bursting with opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds. At CU London, you could find your time as a student filled with new faces, new stories and new friends.

There are many students with more life experience here

A 'mature student' is anyone over 25 - but we prefer to think of our students who haven't just left school as 'experienced students'. In 2018 UCAS stated that around a third of undergraduates are over 25, and 40% of those are over 30. For our Greenwich courses, it may range even higher.

If that sounds like you, there will be many others with similar experience at CU London. However, we tend to find most students don’t even notice an age gap. This gives you a great opportunity to expand your social circle with some new voices, whatever your age.

Common ground is everywhere

Your first few weeks can be a lot to process, but remember that the majority of students you have classes with will be new.

This is the best time to bond over your shared courses, accommodation or your favourite London spots. Even if nights out won’t be your thing, the city’s quiet spots are just as appealing for students.

Societies abound

Societies are rightfully known as social hubs and CU London is no different. Check our Societies page to find people with shared passions or backgrounds similar to yours. If you are feeling adventurous, you could try a new hobby.

The best thing about societies is if you can’t find one you like, it’s no trouble to start a new one.

Finding time can be easier

Experienced students are much more likely to work while they study. With CU London’s schedule of just two days a week of on-campus lectures and the rest individual study, you may be able to work reduced hours, see if your employer will do day release or get a part-time job in your field. All these can help to keep you a part of the campus scene.

There are trial runs

Getting a sense of life at university before you start can help with fitting in.

  • Connect, our short online course, is free and designed to help adults to bridge the gap into university life.
  • Open Days occur across the year to see what a course has to offer you.
  • A Foundation Year eases you into your degree course with a supportive environment, which makes it a great opportunity to meet other experienced students returning to study.
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