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Health Design & Technology Institute: Product Design

The work of the Health Design & Technology Institute is providing new technologies and insights into independent living: Product Design

Stretching by Design

HDTI case study: a Leg Adductor Relaxation Assistor to alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and spasticity


HDTI case study: a single-handed games controller designed for use with games consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox


HDTI case study: easy transportation of goods for people with reduced mobility

Vane Probe Anemometer

An effective and efficient ventilation strategy is vital to improve energy efficiency and create a healthy workplace environment.

Past events

Read about some of the Sustainable Building Futures project's past events.

Energy Audit Surveys

The Sustainable Building Futures project can work with your business to help improve energy efficiency. This will lead to...

Structural Integrity and Non-Destructive Testing

Our research in Structural Integrity and Non-Destructive Testing builds on our historical research strengths at Coventry and adds new research teams through investment and growth.

Digital Manufacturing

The Centre for Manufacturing and Materials conducts leading research into digital manufacturing technologies and processes.



Faith and Peaceful Relations

Explores the role of faith in promoting more peaceful and just societies. Investigates what is distinctive about faith-based approaches to social justice, peace, coexistence, and human dignity and the dilemmas that can arise from faith-based engagement in these areas.

Sustainable Production and Consumption

Find out more about our Sustainable Production and Consumption Research Cluster | Centre for Business in Society

Postgraduate Research

Information on CAWR's postgraduate opportunities and research environment

Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

We are interested in approaches to transforming violent conflict across the globe. Conflict transformation is a holistic and multifaceted process that embraces conflict as a potentially constructive force.

Economic Transformation, Inclusion, and Entrepreneurship

Find out more about our Economic Transformation, Inclusion, and Entrepreneurship Research Cluster | Centre for Business in Society

Data, Organisations and Society

Find out more about our Data, Organisations and Society Research Cluster

Global Inequalities and Development

Discover more about the Global Inequalities and Development research group at Coventry University.

Art, Space and the City

Art, Space and the City

Module Information

Organisational Performance as a Dependent Variable

This project uses new tools (second order meta-analysis and meta- regression) to tackle several of the critical points in performance research and provide an efficient means to compare performance research across fields. Dr Ann-Marie Nienaber has developed a comprehensive model to analyse what antecedent variables have the strongest effect on organizational performance and gives implications for research and business management.