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Student Analysing tools in a factory workshop

Teaching and Training

We are proud to accelerate the learning and development of many undergraduate and postgraduate students through our ‘Faculty on the Factory Floor’ approach of applying theory live on our unique shop floor.

Why study with AME?

  • Discover the science and technology essential for today’s professional engineers
  • Learn how to solve design and manufacturing problems
  • Develop your practical advanced manufacturing skills, including robotics, automation and control technology
  • Experience a unique environment that brings teaching, research and live manufacturing together
  • Develop your practical skills with access to training on industry-leading machinery, automation and technology
  • Have the opportunity to work with experienced industry professionals and dedicated professors
  • Enhance your career progression, with management training, summer placements, and access to international placements and further learning.

All of this will be taught using the ‘Faculty on the Factory Floor’ approach of applying theory on to the live shop floor manufacturing projects at Unipart Manufacturing or other partner businesses.

Our Courses