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iPGCE with iQTS
(International Postgraduate Certificate in Education with international Qualified Teacher Status)

The international Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS) is a new accreditation issued by the Department for Education (DfE) to enable trainee teachers based outside England to gain qualified teacher status (QTS).
We offer two student entry routes to this course – an employed route and a non-employed route which can be undertaken in either the Primary or Secondary age phases.

Who is this course for?

  • Employed route - Unqualified teachers or teaching assistants who are, or will be, employed in a school overseas (i.e., outside England) while undertaking their training. An additional four-week school placement in a different setting will generally be required.
  • Non-employed route - Full-time or part-time students who will be hosted on placement in a school. An additional six-week school placement will generally be required.

Key course information

  • Upon successful completion of iQTS, the DfE will automatically award Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), which certifies you to teach in state-maintained schools in England. Many independent schools in the UK now also prefer their teachers to have the qualification.
  • Qualified Teacher Status is recognised in many countries as a formal teaching qualification.
  • Age ranges: Primary (5-11 age range) and Secondary (11-16, 11-18, 14-19 age ranges).
  • Secondary subjects available: Art & Design, Biology, Computing, Chemistry, Dance, Design & Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Maths, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Physics and Religious Studies. For the 14-19 age range, Business Studies, Classics and Psychology are also available.

Distinct course features

Online: The course is delivered to you online through webinars, podcasts, videos, research and tutorials. Our platforms are interactive and engaging, and they enable both independent and peer learning. All course content and materials are available online, enabling you to study and revisit them as required and in your own time.

School-based: You will be based in schools for the entirety of the course (five days a week for full-time trainees and 2.5 days a week for part-time trainees). The course duration is one academic year (full-time), or two academic years (part-time). Teacher training is most effective ‘on-the-job’ in schools so that the knowledge you gain can be instantly applied in real lessons.

Worldwide: You can be employed or on a placement in a school anywhere in the world. The school will be required to meet our selection criteria to ensure it can offer you the right support.

Support: Described by Ofsted as excellent, our on-line tutorial programme provides you with regular teaching and support, both one-to-one with your university tutor and in a tutor group. Tutorials deepen your understanding of the topics we cover, and prompt you to think about what works best for you in your teaching. You will also be guided on a day-to-day basis by your own in-school mentor, who will be an experienced teacher in your school.

Flexible: There are three start dates within each academic year: September, January and April available for full-time and part-time routes.

Course details

  • Our course is designed and delivered by some of the world’s leading teachers and educators who know what it takes to successfully teach in schools today. Underpinning our programme is the best available evidence of ‘what works’ to improve teaching and learning. In school, you will have significant time to observe colleagues in action and to practise and develop your teaching within a planned timetable of lessons which increase in number as your skills develop.
  • The course curriculum covers everything you require to become a first-rate teacher. You will develop your knowledge of how to teach your subject at secondary level or across the subject range at primary level. You will learn how to manage behaviour in a classroom and gain a deep understanding of how different children learn and the psychology underpinning this. You will also learn to adapt your teaching to different contexts and to children of different abilities. Assessment throughout the course is varied, engaging and designed to stimulate learning through oral presentations and written assignments. Your teaching is also regularly assessed to inform areas of strength and development, and you will be visited once in school and twice virtually by a University Assessor.

Course fees

£7,950 -  one year (Full-time course)

£3,975 -  per year (Part-time, two-year course)

Start dates

We have three start dates per year : September, January and April.

Extend your study to gain a full Master’s degree in education

The iPGCE with iQTS course carries 60 Master’s level credits (one-third of a full master’s degree), and you will have the option to extend your study to gain a full MA in Education.

How to apply

Applications for this course should be made through our CU Apply portal. Below are the course codes, please note down the code that is related to the course you wish to apply for.

  • iPGCE with iQTS – Employed route, Primary, Full-time Course code: TT01QTPGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Non-employed route, Primary, Full-time Course code: TT02QTPGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Employed route, Primary, Part-time Course code: TT03QTPGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Non-employed route, Primary, Part-time Course code: TT04QTPGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Employed route, Secondary, Full-time Course code: TT01QTSGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Non-employed route, Secondary, Full-time Course code: TT02QTSGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Employed route, Secondary, Part-time Course code: TT03QTSGL
  • iPGCE with iQTS – Non-employed route, Secondary, Part-time Course code: TT04QTSGL