Information Technology

Information Technology at CU Scarborough

Information Technology (IT) is a mixture of computing and network technology. The knowledge and skills required for this industry make IT a highly specialist field. IT has an impact on almost every aspect of our day to day lives, including how we communicate, work, learn, shop and socialise.

The demands for jobs in the Information Technology sector are on the rise, making it a viable career choice. We aim to provide learners with the skills they need to meet the needs of a challenging and continuously evolving workplace.

Information Technology courses at CU Scarborough cover a wide range of specialisms, including:

  • IT in business
  • Managing networks
  • Software design
  • IT security
  • Server development

Our Information Technology courses are designed to provide students with an understanding of IT as an enabler for organisations and the complex and fast-changing trends of IT in a business context. Our Cyber Security course equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with a rapidly changing landscape in IT and data security.

All the qualifications gained at CU Scarborough are accredited and awarded by Coventry University.

Progression route

At CU Scarborough we have several entry levels for Information Technology, starting at Foundation level, progressing right the way through to a full BSc (Hons) Degree.


Upon completing an IT course you should have a good understanding of all things IT and the role in which IT plays in business. Achieving this qualification will provide you with the tools to make yourself an important employee in a wide variety of organisations.

Is CU Scarborough right for you?

Courses at CU Scarborough are designed to meet the needs of our students. We do this by offering low tuition fees, structured timetables and dedicated learning blocks, which allow you to plan and schedule your free time.