International fee-paying students CU London, Dagenham or Greenwich


Key dates

Teaching starts

Monday 15 May


Monday 17 April - Thursday 17 May (IPP students) Monday 22 May (Other)

Right to Study Check (RTS)

where applicable Monday 24 April - Monday 22 May

Payment deadlines

Bank Transfer (International) - 20 April
Bank Transfer (UK) - 2 May
Online card payment - 9 May

Collect student ID card

From 17 April
Customer service desk (9.00am to 4.00pm)

Coming to the UK to study is a bold and exciting decision, and we want to make sure that your journey to starting life as a CU London student is as easy as possible.

If you are under 18 years old at the time of applying, please go straight to our international students under 18 page for further guidance.


What is enrolment and why is it important?

Completing your enrolment opens the door to your student life: your student identity, funding, course information, learning and support resources, student entitlements, discounts and more. Without completing your enrolment, you won’t be able to access everything you need to study, work and live your best Coventry University student life!

How to enrol

There are many elements involved in getting you fully enrolled on your course and ready to start your student life in the UK. Here you’ll find some simple steps to guide you through everything you need to do before you arrive in the UK and when you get here.

Prepare for enrolment

  • In order to be able to book your Credibility Interview, get your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)* and complete your enrolment, you are required to have paid at least a minimum of £4,000 of your total tuition fee. Payments must be cleared funds in the university’s account before the above deadline.

    Please make your payments by debit/credit card through Convera - this is the quickest and most secure method and provides peace of mind that your payment has arrived in time. Paying by bank transfer can take up to 14 days and you must provide your student ID on your payment. We advise all payments are made through Convera to avoid delays.

    The Coventry University bank details can be found on our website, so you know for certain that your payment is going to the right place.

  • Once your conditions have been met and your deposit has cleared our accounts, you will receive your CAS letter. You’ll need this in order to apply for your visa.

    Please note: postgraduate students whose course needs ATAS clearance will not get your CAS until we have received a copy of your ATAS certificate. Check if your course needs an ATAS certificate.

  • In order to study, live and work in the UK you’ll need a visa. You will need to apply for this within three months of your course start date. It can be a long process, so please leave plenty of time.

    Our guide to coming to the UK has more information.

  • If you have paid less than £8,000 you must make an additional payment to be able to complete your enrolment.

    Bank transfers can take up to 14 days to process so, please ensure your payment is clears the university’s accounts well before teaching starts.

    If you haven’t paid your tuition fees in full, please ensure you make payments by the tuition instalment deadlines.

    We strongly recommend you pay before you travel in order to avoid delays to your enrolment. International transactions from certain countries could take months to get credited to our bank account, so do ensure you make payments using faster and secured methods.tuition instalment deadlines.

    Once we’ve received this payment and any necessary Right To Study checks are completed, you will be sent an email with a link to complete your enrolment online.

    Don’t forget: using Convera by debit/credit card – is the quickest way to pay and avoids delays in the banking system and you must provide your student ID on your payment.

Prepare for your Right to Study (RTS) check

  • The Right to Study (RTS) check ensures we are satisfied you meet all the criteria to study in the UK. If this check is not successful, you will not be able to complete your enrolment.

    Even if you have a British or Irish passport, you will still need to complete an RTS check if you are paying international fees.

    You will be required to meet with the compliance team to complete a face-to-face Right to Study check. The table below outlines what original documents you need in order to pass your RTS check and complete your enrolment.

    Applicant status Documents required
    Student Route
    (with BRP card)
    1. Current passport
    2. Travel vignette
    3. BRP card
    4. CAS letter
    5. Academic and English documents as detailed on page 2 of the CAS
    6. ATAS certificate (if required)
    7. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    Student Route
    (with 'entry clearance' email)
    1. Current passport
    2. CAS letter
    3. GOV.UK entry clearance email
    4. Share code (for online verification)
    5. UK arrival travel document, e.g. flight confirmation, boarding pass
    6. Academic and English documents as detailed on page 2 of the CAS
    7. ATAS certificate (if required)
    8. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    British / Irish passport (paying international fees) 1. Current passport
    2. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    Indefinite leave to remain / No time limit / Leave to remain / Settlement / Refugee status 1. Current passport
    2. BRP card (or other visa document e.g. sticker in passport)
    3. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    Tier 2 / Skilled worker 1. Current passport
    2. BRP card
    3. Disclaimer – this is issued by the ISCT at the point of enrolment (see 2.3.5 Disclaimers)
    4. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    EU settled / pre-settled status 1. Current passport
    2. Home Office letter confirming EUSS outcome
    3. Share code (for online verification)
    4. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    Any other visa document 1. Current passport
    2. Relevant visa document e.g. BRP card or sticker in passport
    3. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    Enrolling on a Student Route visa application 1. Full completed visa application
    2. Visa application document checklist
    3. Current passport
    4. Old BRP card or other evidence of previous leave
    5. Completed enrolment compliance agreement disclaimer
    6. ATAS certificate (if required)
    7. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)
    Enrolling on a non-Student Route visa application 1. Evidence of visa application, including type of application made and date of application*
    2. Current passport
    3. Old BRP card or other evidence of previous leave
    4. Completed enrolment compliance agreement disclaimer
    5. Under 18 welfare check paperwork (if required)

    *Where a non-Student Route student is unable to provide this evidence, or where the visa decision has been under consideration for some time, the ISCT may raise a query via the UKVI Portal to establish that a visa outcome is still pending and that the student has the right to study. The UKVI Portal response is to be included in the Enrolment Pack.

Complete your enrolment

  • Once you’ve accepted our offer, look out for our follow-up email - this one takes you to our dedicated student enrolment portal and will walk you through the enrolment process step-by-step.

    You’ll then be given access (to the email address you registered with) to your learning materials so you can engage with these before you even arrive in the UK!

    You will also be asked what date you expect to arrive in the UK. It’s important you arrive in the UK as soon as your visa allows you to, this will allow you time to settle into your new home, get to know the campus and start to make friends.

  • When you arrive in the UK, you must collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) as soon as possible from the collection point you selected when you made your visa application.

    You will need your BRP as well as your admissions and travel documents, all the original documents specified in your CAS letter, your ATAS certificate (if your course requires one) and a formal letter issued by the body or institution that awarded your qualifications, in order to complete your Right to Study check.

  • You will be contacted by email with details of how to complete your RTS check, but please also have all your RTS documents ready.

    British and Irish passport holders paying international fees: you will be required to complete an RTS check and you can do this by sending a clear colour copy of the personal details page of your passport to

    Please see key dates box at the top of the page. 

  • No student ID? No student loan, no access to your accommodation, facilities and services, no important news and updates, no discounts, no fun – it’s that simple.

    After you’ve completed your enrolment, you can collect your student ID in person.

    Please visit: Student Centre 
    Dates and times: Please see the times and dates in the box at the top of the page. 

    In order to verify your identity, you’ll need to bring the documentation listed in our accepted proof of identity and nationality document.

    Online only or distance students: you will not need a student ID card unless you want to access campus facilities and services.

  • There may be times when you need to prove your status as a student, e.g. opening a bank account - you can generate a student status letter by logging into the Student Portal or via the Wayfinder app.

  • All the latest information about your course enrolment, our facilities and services will be on our website, so keep checking back in to stay up to date before you arrive and when you get here. You’ll also find details on the Wayfinder app.

Need more help?

Your Student’s Union offers financial advice and support, or you can head to the Customer Service Desk in reception and a member of the team there can help you.

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