Consulting Project

As a form of internship, students act as an external consultant to a business, either individually or as part of a consulting group, advising the business on a specific project or issue relating to the student’s field of expertise.

Students will meet employers regularly for updates and feedback. Throughout the project students will be supported by a member of Coventry University London Academic Team. Your research and activities will enable you to complete a written assignment.


What Students Say

Ndack Khouma

Ndack Khouma

Genesis Consultancy Project

"Completing my MBA at Coventry University London was probably the best decision I have ever made. Not only does it give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, it equipped me with the knowledge necessary to enter the active market and most importantly gave me the opportunity to work for an oil consultancy firm in my last term, via an offsite consulting project.

The group consultancy project for Genesis Oil and Gas Ltd, has allowed me amongst many other things, to gain a valuable work experience and improve my presentation and team-working skills. We worked hard to please the client and those efforts paid off as I was offered an on-site three month internship, at the end of my MBA, as a business development intern.

The internship has been the most valuable opportunity I have ever had. In addition to all the knowledge and skills I gained, it has offered me invaluable exposure to networks within the oil & gas industry that has already boosted my career".

Adi Armoti

Adi Armoti

Consultancy Project

"The Coventry University London consultation project provides professional and academic experiences that in return help students put theory into practice.

My colleagues and I were offered to work as management consultants for a leading engineering and services firm, targeting global upstream companies around the globe. This included uncovering business patterns on potential clients in addition to analysing their current and anticipated operations. This task was interlinked with seeking information on their countries of operations by assessing several aspects including, business attractiveness and environment. This helped to assist our client to formulate a better understanding and balanced strategic thought on their market opportunities.

The consultation project lasted for a period of eleven weeks, containing regular meetings, and presentations for our client and supervisor, which allowed us to work in line with their exact requirements. I gained a great experience working with my colleagues and the firm during this time to create positive results".

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023