Meet Our Students

Coming to CU Coventry inspires our students to build ambitious careers. They make the most of their student years with incredible hobbies, from campaigning in schools to performing in emerging bands. We spoke to some of our students about the opportunities they have seized during their time here.

Michelle - Becoming A Management Consultant

Not only does Michelle compete internationally in a range of sports and sing on the X Factor as part of a university gospel choir, her career ambition is to become a top management consultant. The Careers & Employability service have helped her secure placements in industry-leading companies like PWC, Deloitte and AB & David.

Tanooj - Musician and International Student

Tanooj is an international student who is thriving at CU Coventry. He studies in the day and makes music with his classmates in the evening.

Elizabeth - Becoming A Teacher

Mum of three Elizabeth has always had a passion for working with children. Since starting at CU, she has turned her job into a new career and is striving to become a teacher. She wants to provide a better life for her family and inspire her children in the process.