Visa Application Process

If your application has been successful you will be a given an entry clearance vignette in your passport giving you permission to enter the UK. This will include the type of stay granted and any restrictions. It may include the wording ‘Work (and any changes) must be authorised’ this gives you permission to work subject to the restrictions applicable for students.

You should ensure that you are given the correct entry clearances as ‘student’. If you are bringing family with you they should be given clearance as ‘dependants’.

Once you have arrived in the UK you will have 10 days to collect your BRP card (visa), which will detail your length of stay in the UK. This document must be presented when you enrol at CU Coventry.

Unsuccessful Visa Applications

You will not be allowed in to the UK if your visa application has been unsuccessful. Please do not travel as you will be refused entry.

Appeal Rights 

Since the launch of Tier 4 visa in April 2009 there are no longer appeal rights against the refusal of a student visa.

Administrative Review 

Any appeal rights have been replaced by a right to ‘administrative review’, which means that your case will be looked at by another Entry Clearance Officer. Unless an obvious error has been made, it is unlikely that any decision will be overturned. In the unlikely event your application is refused, we may be able to advise whether you should apply for administrative review or re-apply for your visa. You will need to scan or fax a copy of your written refusal notice with the reasons you think the decision was wrong, to the International Office for the attention of the International Student Adviser.

Fax: +44 (0)24 7615 2175

We will aim to get back to your email within 24 hours of receipt (not including weekends).

Please ensure you have included your full name, course, applicant number and contact details (email is preferable) so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.