Credibility Interviews

The Home Office now allows Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) to request an interview with students in order to ascertain that the student’s intentions to study in the UK are genuine.

If you are called to an interview it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your application.

What happens if you are called for an interview?

If you are called for interview, you will be asked a range of questions to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) in the following areas. (This is not a complete list and is only intended as a guide. You can be questioned regarding any aspect of your background or study plans):

  • Ability to speak English
    You will need to be able to conduct the interview in English with the ECO.

  • Knowledge of intended course of study
    You will need to be able to tell them about your intended course of study, the qualification and what it leads to. In addition explaining the research you carried out on other courses and/or universities before choosing Coventry.

  • Academic background
    You will need to be able to talk through your background and explain if there are any study gaps.

  • Plans to return home after studies
    You will need to be able to talk about your plans for after you complete your course.

  • Finances
    The Home Office may dig deeper into your financial background and may question where money has come from based on current wages, family background etc.

Attendance/Carrying out your Interview

The Home Office may ask you to undertake an interview either in person, on the telephone, or by video conference facility. If you are requested to attend an interview you must take it very seriously. Attendance is mandatory and if you fail to attend an interview without providing a reasonable explanation this will result in an automatic refusal. Be aware that even if you achieve the general requirements and score the 70 points required under the Student Route, the ECO has the authority to refuse entry if you do not satisfy the ECO of your genuine intentions to study at interview.

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