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International degree and teacher training programmes

International degree and teacher training programmes

The flexible model we adopt means that students worldwide can access NITE’s affordable, high-quality programmes without travelling to England.

Teacher Training

NITE provides high-quality, school-based, flexible degree programmes and teacher training worldwide through a range of routes.

For teachers or teaching assistants currently working in schools, our employed teacher training routes offer the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised teaching qualification while continuing their jobs in school.

NITE’s non-employed routes enable trainees who have no previous experience in schools to become qualified to teach.

Trainees on our courses can choose primary or secondary routes, study full-time or part-time, and start their course in September, January or April. They can choose to complete an iPGCE, or an iPGCE with iQTS.

All of NITE’s routes are school-based to enable trainee teachers to develop their professional practice in schools from expert practitioners. School-based learning is supported through high quality online resources. Weekly synchronous support from our university tutors, along with virtual and in-person visits ensures trainees and in-school mentors are supported to make good progress which prepares them for their future careers.

By working with schools outside England to support the development of teachers internationally, we can help with teacher recruitment by sourcing and training new teachers to fill school vacancies.

Master's degrees for teachers

New and experienced teachers all around the world can develop their practice on one of NITE’s sector-leading courses for teachers without travelling to England.

NITE offers a Master’s in Education degree with routes that enable students to focus on special educational needs, mentoring or their own development as a teacher. For more experienced teachers who are in, or aspire to be, in middle or senior leadership positions, NITE’s Master’s in Educational Leadership degree aims to improve the quality of leadership in schools globally.


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Learn your craft on the job in schools


University tutors visit students in their schools


A cost-effective way to train teachers and recruit talent

International training

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