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Meney’s story

Building industry experience

Meney studied on our MSc Financial Technology with Extended Professional Practice, meaning that she had the opportunity to undertake an internship as part of her studies. Her internship at Predictive Black strengthened her analytical and problem-solving skills, and cultivated a proactive, disciplined and hard-working approach that will help her to progress in her career.

More about Meney

I did my internship at Predictive Black, a FinTech start-up providing Predictive Analytic software services to small and medium-sized enterprises. My tasks were essentially divided among two types of services the company offers, namely industry analysis and clients’ treasury, along with financial forecasts. Utilising programming and database management programs, I was in charge of running performance analyses and time series forecasting of both the clients’ accounting and financial data, as well as on economic data of all sectors and sub-sectors of the economy.

My internship at Predictive Black has truly helped me develop some key skills actively sought in the job market. At both a professional and a personal level, this experience has strengthened my analytical and problem-solving skills, and has cultivated a stronger proactive, discipline and hard-working approach that will follow me in my next role.

Furthermore, the internship has given me the competitive advantage of mastering a range of key software programs required for most analytical roles in finance, while also refining the interpersonal skills necessary for successfully work within a team.

I enjoyed being exposed to, as well as participating in, all the facets of the company and the services they provide. Moreover, I appreciated the supervision and the guidance I received throughout the internship. I felt my contribution made a real difference, and as my tasks evolved with time, so did my dedication to executing my role perfectly. At the same time, I was encouraged to continuously learn by myself and always be curious, which, in turn, helped me solve many ensuing problems on my own and take pride in my achievements. All in all, it has instilled in me a go-getter mentality that will surely help me in my professional career.

Yasmin Olatunji, International Marketing MBA 2021 graduate, quoted in 2021
The Queen's Award for Enterprise
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023