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Cost of Living


Including accommodation, bills, travel, food, personal expenses and study costs, we estimate that you will need approximately £1,100-1,400 per month to cover your expenses.

Please remember that for visa purposes international students must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to pay for living expenses while you are studying in London.


Coventry University London offers a number of accommodation options to suit your budget and preferences. These range from halls of residence, where many costs such as utilities and internet are included, to private accommodation where you will be responsible for paying the bills yourself.

For further details, please see our accommodation pages.


Student Halls of Residence

We have partnered with two accommodation providers. These are self-catered but utilities are internet are included.


Private Accommodation

To find accommodation, you will need to use a Real Estate Agency, which means you may incur an admin fee. Bills such as electricity, water, gas and home insurance may or may not be covered by your landlord. You will need to speak directly to your estate agent or landlord for more information.

To cover all bills, including electricity, gas, water and internet, we recommend budgeting between £105 and £180 per month. These costs may be shared, if living with more than one person.

If you are able to choose your electricity, gas and internet providers, we recommend using comparison sites to find the best deals. Here are some sites you can use*:

*There are many more comparison websites, please use all available resources to find the best deal.



You may need to discuss provider options with your landlord. As a student, you may be able to secure a broadband deal! More information can be found here.*

If you need to secure your own internet provider, we recommend you look closely at contract lengths. If you have signed up to a 12-month contract, you may have to pay the remaining fees even if you leave your accommodation early.

*There are many more comparison websites, please use all available resources to find the best deal.


Public Transport

Although our halls of residence are within walking distance of the university, you will need to use public transport to explore the rest of the city (although walking can often be a great option). This will take the form of the underground (‘tube’), buses, trains and trams.

The amount you pay is determined by how far you travel, with London being split into nine zones. The university is based in Zone 1. Details of fares and daily, weekly, monthly and annual Travelcards can be found on the Transport for London website.



Full-time students at Coventry University London are eligible for an 18+ Oyster card, which will give you a 30% discount on adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets. You will not receive a discount on single journeys.

For further details please visit found the Transport for London website.

Students can also apply for a National Rail Travelcard, which will save you approximately 34% on train travel. This card would be useful for students who regularly travel outside of London by train. Please use the most appropriate link below: 18-25 National Rail card Mature student rail card

Food and housekeeping

We recommend you put a limit on the amount you spend on a weekly food shop. There are lots of tips on how to save money here.

Remember, you will also need to buy your own toiletries and housekeeping products, from toothpaste to cleaning spray. It is unlikely you will need to buy these products on a weekly basis, so there may be one week in the month you may have to budget more to cover your toiletries and housekeeping costs.

Check out the Student Information Facebook page for free/low cost London event ads.

Personal Expenses

It is important to remember that you will also need to allow money for clothes and shoes, socialising and nights out, and mobile phone bills. You may want to consider a gym membership, too.

London offers a wide variety of options, so we recommend checking where you would be eligible for student discounts. Students studying at Coventry University London can apply for two discount schemes:

  • UniDays: this is a free service, but you will need to download the app.
  • NUS: You will need to apply for an NUS card.

Other Essential Costs

TV Licence

Students will only need to pay for a TV licence if they are using a television to watch programmes live, download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer. For more information on how to pay and current costs, click here.



Insurance for your personal possessions is often included at halls of residence. If your accommodation does not provide insurance, we recommend taking out a personal policy. Several companies offer insurance for students. Endsleigh Insurance and Barclays Bank offer student-specific policies.