CU Scarborough offers a range of exciting courses taught in a unique way, tailored to the needs of our learners. 

Our courses are flexible, accessible and linked to skills gaps in the area, meaning they are more likely to lead directly to employment.

Learning model

Our courses run in six-week blocks and we offer up to six of these each calendar year. Normally you will study four blocks per year.

Each study block will require the equivalent of approximately 300 hours of your time. Normally, 120 of these will be in class and the rest is completed away from the classroom. All study is guided so you’ll have plenty of support.

As a full-time student a standard learning block will include 18 hours of teaching each week in groups of approximately 15-30 students.

Depending on the course you have chosen, you’ll attend morning or afternoon sessions. You will also need to attend one two-hour tutorial each week. Tutorial groups are much smaller, usually about five students. This means that we can better ensure that you have understood the week’s learning and that you are ready for the next.

How to apply

If you’re interested in a full-time course your application must be submitted via UCAS.

Once you’ve registered you can start the application process. You'll need the following:

  • Our unique institution code: C85
  • Campus code: 6
  • The code for your preferred course

For further details on how to apply, please visit our how to apply page.

Multiple intakes

We offer multiple intakes throughout the academic year making higher education more accessible to everyone. Courses can be started at the beginning of any block. We typically offer intakes during:

  • September
  • November
  • January
  • February/March
  • April
  • June

For more specific dates please view the academic calendar.