CU Scarborough provides career development support for staff at Scarborough Hospital

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Friday 14 January 2022

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CU Scarborough is providing career development support for staff at Scarborough Hospital at a newly renovated facility it is sponsoring to help NHS staff reach their full potential.

The higher education institution, which is part of the Coventry University Group, is working with Scarborough Hospital to promote staff development through its new BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Blended Learning degree, among other courses it offers.

The blended learning nursing degree, which started in May 2021, combines flexible, fully interactive digital learning with practical clinical placements and is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. It is also suitable for people in other careers whose jobs have been negatively affected by the pandemic and want to join the nursing profession.

CU Scarborough sponsored the renovation of the Acorn Suite at Scarborough Hospital where student nurses meet with their tutors and any member of staff can attend a career drop-in service to discuss their future and explore study and professional development opportunities.

The educational room has been fitted with new carpets, sofas, shelves and furniture for student nurses and other staff members to use as a space to engage with CU Scarborough tutors. Staff can also attend monthly ‘career drop-ins with CU Scarborough’, which are pre-advertised sessions where any member of staff at the hospital or in the Trust can call in or pre-book an appointment to discuss their future and whether CU Scarborough study can help them.

The first drop-in session was held in October and had several healthcare assistants enquiring about degree apprenticeships, online courses and more. Scarborough Hospital has provided active support to the career drop-in sessions by promoting them via its internal communications channels.

The Acorn Suite will be a great way to connect CU Scarborough with our main hospital site, Scarborough Hospital. It will be a dedicated space for academic and practice staff to use as a base to not only support our current students in placement but also to support and engage with the wider workforce.

Claire Barwick, Head of Curriculum, Health, Education and Nursing at CU Scarborough

We are delighted that CU Scarborough has been able to support us in developing the Acorn Suite. It’s going to be a really valuable resource for our learners and the staff that support them and reflects the excellent relationship we have with CU Scarborough.

Emily Harrison, Clinical Undergraduate and Work Based Learning Development Lead, Scarborough Hospital NHS Trust